Indian Actress Sara Khan is Set To Come to Pakistan

Indian Actress Sara Khan is Set To Come to Pakistan
We have just gotten news that Indian actress Sara Khan is coming to Pakistan and will be appearing in a drama serial that is being anticipated by a wide array of audiences around the country.

An Indian actress/model has decided to make her way to Pakistan to both understand the dynamics of the Pakistan media industry and actively participate in our productions to gain all the experiences of our versatile media industry.

Her first debut will be with Noor Hassan, and will be directed by the prestigious director Aabis Raza who has directed many TV serials including the highly acclaimed drama Kankar that gained widespread popularity starring Sanam Baloch and Fahad Mustafa.The drama will be shot using the metropolitan backdrop of Karachi for its location and will begin shooting towards the end of August.

Sara khan began her acting career in the famous star plus serial Sapnay babul ke Bidaai in 2007 and has managed to traverse the media landscape relentlessly ever since. She has played the lead role in many TV serials such as Sasural simar ka on Colors and Baghyalaxmi.

She made headlines when she married Ali Merchant on the popular Indian reality show Big Boss season 4 in 2010-2011 which inadvertently gained widespread attention by the media. Following this marriage she was asked if she had any plans to remarry to which she responded with a firm “NO”. The marriage had certain contentions due to the age-old restrictions of marriage between the two opposing sects of Sunni and Shia. It was shrouded in controversy and the actress asserted that despite her past; her marriage to Ali was the only relationship she considered as a concrete union. She further stated that the hype created by Big Boss was merely sensationalist in nature and reality shows are paradoxically very “unreal”.

Unfortunately the marriage did not last more than 2 months but despite this setback Sara continued to pursue her career and has played an active role in recent Bollywood hits such as the recent Vidya Balan and Imran Hashmi’s Hamari adhuri kahani in which she played the supporting lead actress.

Similar to media personalities in Pakistan; Sara has had an interesting journey in her path towards success and is determined to play an eminent role in the media industry both in India and Pakistan. It is important to appreciate the initiative taken by our media industry to accept and polish talent from India and encourage the process of collaborative talent that has great scope for the evolution and progress of our dramas and movies in a local as well as a global context.