8 Winter Hair Looks You Need To Try

8 Winter Hair Looks You Need To Try

Winter – the season where your hair is more windswept than it’s even been. A complete style crimp, right? Knots and tangles become an unfortunate familiarity during this season, and can subsequently it becomes harder to maintain your hair’s health – where you find yourself picking apart intertwined strands at the dinner table or battling with that one nemesis of a hairbrush for hours. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list just for you, of 8 winter hairstyles that you should experiment with. These looks are going to ensure your relationship with hair during this unpredictable weather becomes much less stressful, painful and time consuming. Instead, you’ll step outside a little more stylish than usual, and will return home with no disasters.

1. The Bubble Ponytail

For many, this look rings Ariana Grande bells - however, the bubble ponytail look actually emerged on a Valentino Runway back in 2014. It’s only this year that the look has soared across social media and is being popularised digitally by a number of celebrities and influencers. This look takes hardly any time to put together – all you need is 3 elastics and 1 hairband (all should be relatively matching the colour of your mane). Tighten each elastic around the existing ponytail with 3 equal spaces, and expand the in-between sections of hair to create the finished look. To maintain the style on winter outings, a bit of texturising spray will do the trick.


2. The Tortoiseshell Clip

A super quick up-do is always a hack to keep your hair cute and classy. Tortoiseshell clips are easy access (find them at most local drugstores) and are secure when given the best grip. Having a thick head of hair doesn’t mean you can’t take part in this look! A half-up half-down do looks fantastic with the tortoiseshell clip and can allow you some edge with remaining layers crowning your shoulders.

3. The Half-Up Half-Down Plait

Curly or straight – this look is super easy to achieve and keeps frontal strands at the back (unless you have a fringe, though the weather can’t tamper too much with this – it will only make it damp) to ensure there are fewer overall knots during winter. Just take two thick strands from either side of your head and plait them downward at an angle lenient to the middle of your head from behind. This look is particularly suited to those with longer hair – who also have the traditional option of one long thick plait (perhaps bedazzled with some hair rings/jewellery to keep it chic).


4. The Bandana

Yes – the bandana is definitely a summer thing. But hear us out! The bandana can be a great addition to winter ensembles (your favourite puffer jacket, a skiing outfit, or a cosy jacket) and also prevents the top of your hair from getting ruined by the odd drizzle. Prints are totally down to you – though designer patents are particularly favoured at the moment. 


5. The Pearl Pin

Breakfast At Tiffany’s, brunch at the chateau – whatever Parisian style fantasy you prefer, the pearl pin is your object of manifestation. This one accessory will add a timeless touch of class to your overall look. It goes with practically anything – less so monochromatic palettes, but can work if you find them in varying shades.

6. Get Layers!

This can be tricky to achieve during covid-19 – but if you have a mom and a pair of scissors, with some careful precision and meticulous attention to detail, you should manage. Having layers in the length of your hair are a fantastic way of maintaining healthy hair, allowing it to grow easier, as well as making knots and tangles a narrowed prospect. Additionally, layers have the beautiful effect of making your hair seen visually thicker than it is already – giving you the volume you want to maintain during this rainy period.


7. Crown Headbands

If your hair has already become victim to snow or rain, a decorated crown style headband is the perfect way to slick back the top and bring out your gorgeous face! Crown headbands are typically raised in dimension for that authentic crown effect, a 2021 spherical expansion of your typical oh-that’s-so-2020 flat headband. You definitely need these ones – they’ll be your friend in any season.


8. The Scalp Plait

Easy, formal but casual – the scalp plait quite literally goes with anything. We love the look provided above which takes a strand around the ponytail band, to make the style sleeker. Be sure not to plait along with the ponytail, but in congruence. Do it separately, and add it in before you put up the length of your hair. Wrap the remainder of the plait around your band, and secure it with a pin. Finally, take a longer strand from the ponytail and wrap this around the band to cover both the band and the plait. And voila!


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