10 Types Of Guests At Every Desi Wedding

10 Types Of Guests At Every Desi Wedding
Here are the types of guests you're surely to bump into at a desi wedding!

1. The one who is only there for the food:

This typically makes up half of the wedding hall considering weddings are a cheap dinner outing for the entire family. But there is always that one person who is always present at the buffet making sure they eat enough for the entire barat.


2. The gossip aunty

Did you see her stomach showing in the saari? Do you know the bride and groom were dating before the marriage? Haww haye. Dear Aunty, please spare us the bitterness.



3. The conservative elder aunty who is always displeased

This is the aunty we all dread to meet for we know the amount of criticism coming our way. From our chiffon sleeves to dupatta-less kameezain, everything gets a seal of disapproval.

gossip aunties












4. That single hottie

All of us desi’s have a hidden agenda at weddings: Checking out the singles. Thank God we are dressed to our best at weddings but so are all of our cousins secretly trying to impress that hottie with their dance moves.



5. That one chick who decides to overdress herself like a bride

Still not sure whether she desperately wants it to be her turn for a wedding already or is she just used to stealing the limelight?











6. The cousin you barely know

Weddings mean meeting those relatives who you meet once a few years only at other weddings. An awkward silence followed by ‘Tou phir aj kal kya chal raha hai?’ is the worst.


7. The self-proclaimed food critic

Nothing is good enough for them. “Biryani and qorma? How typical...” One word: Shut up


8. The one who cuts the line at the buffet

You know who you are and we all hate you.



9. The rishta seeker

They hop from table to table scanning potential jodis and introducing families to each other. If you can’t stand the single life anymore, seek their help immediately.

rishta auntie










10. Begani shaadi main Abdullah deewana

There is always some dude who dresses up like the dulha, takes pictures of everyone with everyone and goes crazy on the dance floor. Dude? Who even are you?



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