Six Different Types Of Handbags For Women

Six Different Types Of Handbags For Women
Handbags – we can never get enough of them, neither can we have too many of them! Do not listen to anyone who says otherwise.  We have a quick checklist from Charles & Keith and Pedro for you to go through. We’d hate you to miss any of these.

 Tote Bag

The shoulder bag or the everyday bag is the most functional bag of them all. They are big and fit in all your bare necessities, because – let’s face it – we practically carry a mini supermarket anyway and might as well do it in style.


Satchels are perfect for working women – they hit the sweet spot between being as an everyday handbag and a laptop bag. With this, you don’t have to carry two bags. It can fit in all your basics, plus your gadgets too. But, remember to invest in a bag that is sturdy and of good quality – these need to last longer, so you cannot afford anything sloppy!

  Sling Bag

The sling bag or the cross-body bag is functional, comfortable, and stylish. It’s perfect for shopping, running errands, and travelling. If you are with kids, a sling bag is just perfect! And these come in all sizes. Functional, chic, and an everyday essential.


The clutch or ‘A Day Clutch’ is simply classy, elegant, and pure sophistication, because we cannot sport a huge bag when we are all dressed up for an event or a party.

Hobo Bag

Hobo is a shoulder style bag, but is not as wide. The crescent shape makes the bag equal parts formal and casual. If you are bored with your regular totes and shoulder bags, pick up the Hobo – it will be an exciting addition to your collection. Wallet

Wallet, or a purse as some call it, is an essential part of a girl’s handbag; and if you ask me, is quite personal to each of us. You can make quite a statement with this, so pick up something accordingly.

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