Spirit Of Math Hosts Virtual Classrooms With Internationally Qualified Teachers In Pakistan

Spirit Of Math Hosts Virtual Classrooms With Internationally Qualified Teachers In Pakistan

With the second wave of Covid-19 virus hitting us hard, schools and universities are forced once again to close their doors, impacting an unprecedented number of learners worldwide but should that mean an end to all our educational endeavors? Absolutely not!

Spirit of Math, a global leader in after-school math education, has recently introduced its Global Virtual Courses. These courses are designed for the virtual experience and we can get the benefit of an international Math curriculum with internationally recognized teachers from the comfort of our own home.

We reached out to their team and asked them to tell us more about their programs and what makes them better than any other after school math program. Here’s what we learnt!

Benefits of Virtual Classrooms and Online Learning

Online learning gives a child an edge for the technology needs of their future. Virtual classrooms and online learning not only provide education in a subject area, but it also gives our children an edge for understanding how to properly use technology in their lives.

Online learning is critical to maintaining an ongoing education. Students who continue to learn at all times of their lives are those who are ahead. It is not that they are smarter, it is that they continued learning using whatever means available to them when others didn’t. Online learning provides this opportunity.

Virtual classrooms provide students with an opportunity to see their peers, learn from them and learn how to properly socialize with others not in their own immediate families.

Spirit of Math Global Virtual Courses:

The Global virtual program currently offers 2 exciting, online teacher-led classes and lessons.

Elite Courses (Grades 3-8 & 11): These are similar to Spirit of Math’s in-person full-year courses for high-performing students who are good at math, looking to take their math to the next level.

Aspire Courses (Grades 1-6): These courses are especially designed for students that need help with math as their core purpose is to strengthen a student’s skills and understanding in specific strands of mathematics.

Spirit of Math also offers FREE RESOURCES for parents and students on their YouTube channel


What gives Spirit of Math the edge:

Spirit of Math follows a unique approach of teaching that allows students to deepen and expand their understanding of math in a dynamic classroom setting. The programs offer a uniquely balanced and comprehensive curriculum that integrates the following Four Key Elements in their programs


Core curriculum

Problem solving

Cooperative group work

Benefits of the 4-Element Approach to Math:

These methodologies promote cooperation, strategic thinking and a cooperative classroom environment, enabling the students to organically gain confidence and learn skills that go beyond mathematics, which will benefit them in all aspects of their academic and personal careers.

Parents who are interested in the Global Virtual Program can fill an online form here Online Courses | Spirit of Math Schools or email at globalvirtual@spiritofmath.com.

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