Mommy Blogger and Founder of ‘Spectra Baby Pakistan’ Sehrish Ali Khan Speaks To HELLO! About Why Her Product Is The Best On The Market

We sat down with Sehrish Ali Khan, the Founder of ‘Spectra Baby Pakistan’ breast pumps to talk to her about what motivated her to bring this brand to Pakistan!

What is Spectra Baby?

Spectra Baby is a company that specializes in Breastfeeding. Made in Korea, they are known for their ‘Natural Nursing Technology’ as they distribute top quality, high performing breast pumps and accessories which aim to mimic the suckling of a baby. Due to their popularity amongst mothers, they have grown rapidly and now operate in 35+ countries.

What awards have Spectra won?

They are termed as the ‘Ferrari’ of breast pumps by lactation consultants. Due to the excellency and efficiency of their breast pumps, they have consistently been ranked the number one breast pump in the world across many forums.

This year, Spectra won the award for the best electric breast pump at Ovia Health competing against brands like Medela, lansinoh and Motif.

They have been also ranked as number one internationally at the BUMP, BABYLIST, Crisbie awards, MOM trends, Mom’s choice awards and parent trusted, parent approved.

What motivated you to bring Spectra?

My baby could not nurse effectively, and my milk supply was extremely low. Therefore, I had to pump in order to give him breastmilk. The pump I had originally bought was not helping me in my breastfeeding journey. Therefore, I switched to Spectra after I heard raving reviews about the pump.

This pump boosted my milk supply, and I went from producing little to no milk to a full milk supply. I exclusively pumped and breastfed my baby till 7 months with Spectra.

After using the pump and its amazing features, I knew it was high time this brand be introduced in Pakistan.

Why Spectra over other brands?

Spectra pumps have a ‘Hospital-grade Suction’. This is the highest level of vacuum any breast pump can have. No other breast pump in Pakistan currently has this level of technology.

The best feature of Spectra pumps is that they are closed-system pumps and extremely safe for mothers. The backflow protector in Spectra Breast pumps prevents the milk overflowing and leaking into the pump. This decreases the possibility of mold growth and infectious particles in the pump and helps ensure your expressed milk travels through a hygienic route. Most pumps in Pakistan have an open-system. Having an open system pump means that there is no barrier that stops your breast milk from going into the tubing during a pumping session. This can also create an issue when the pumping kit is not cleaned and dried properly. If there is any retained moisture, this can cause a build-up of mold or bacteria in the motor or tubing.

Hence, with Spectra, your breast milk will always be safely expressed for the baby. Also, in Pakistan, mothers often use their existing pump for the next baby or simply pass it along to friends and family. It is highly discouraged for a mother to use an already used open-system pump due to contamination. With Spectra, there is no such worry and it can be a multi user pump.

Spectra is also the least noisy pump in the market. This is a huge factor for many mothers as it immensely enhances their pumping experience. No one likes a dinosaur sounding machine in the background!

Not only is the pump sleek, stylish and lightweight, but it also has the gentlest suction (even though it has the highest vacuum strength)

What are some innovative products by Spectra that make a mother’s life easier?

As a Pakistani woman, I pumped discreetly in car rides, airports, around friends and family, while cooking, while doing laundry or watching a movie.

But how? Spectra’s latest technology offers you hands free shield cups that you can place inside your bra and the milk gets collected inside those cups. Wearing a loose kurti on top, and a pump in your pocket, and no one knows a thing!

If you buy a single electric breast pump, and you decide later that you want a double electric breast pump, you no longer have to go buy a brand new one. Spectra single pump (Spectra Q) can also convert to a dual pump!

How can every mother in Pakistan afford a premium product like Spectra Breast Pumps?

When I started the company, many mothers messaged me and asked me if they could be offered breast pumps on installment. They knew Spectra was the best breast pump in the market, but a good device comes at a price as well, and so they wanted to pay for the pump in installments.

Since affordability is a huge factor in Pakistan, I decided to partner with Daraz Pakistan, and through their platform, a mother can buy any Spectra Breast Pump in  Installments at Daraz at 0% interest up to 18 installment payments for as low as PKR 2,000. While there is no ‘price’ attached to the benefits of breast-milk, this is even lower than the cost of monthly formula for your baby. So there is no excuse not to buy Spectra anymore, is there mama?

What is your vision with the company Spectra?

At Spectra, we wish to be a ‘shoulder’ for mothers. We want to provide the best breastfeeding products to mothers. We want to provide the latest in breastfeeding technology and innovation.

But our service does not end on a ‘sale’. We take pride in our customer service. We offer free consultations to mothers on breastfeeding. We offer overnight and same day delivery.  We carry all replacement parts for breast pumps. We carry all accessories that are needed by breastfeeding mothers.

If a mother is having an issue with her breast pump, we work hand in hand with the mother in diagnosing what her difficulties are.

We spend hours speaking with a mother helping her decide which breast pump is most beneficial for her breastfeeding journey.

We are a breastfeeding support group. You don’t need to buy from us to be part of our Spectra family. Every mother is welcome to join and follow us on social media for breastfeeding education.

How can we purchase Spectra Products?

You can buy Spectra product line at

If you wish to see and want to purchase our products in store, we are fully also stocked at Mothercare Pakistan in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Do you have any new Spectra products underway?

We are beyond excited to introduce new baby/breastfeeding products next year. These range from UV Sterilizers to nipple shields to breast pads to dual food and bottle warmer. Stay Tuned!

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