Good Food Tour 2019 With FoodPanda In The Capital City

Good Food Tour 2019 With FoodPanda In The Capital City
Last Friday was spent with FoodPanda for their #GoodFoodTour!

We were greeted by FoodPanda’s very own tour bus which took us to our first stop – Mocca, Kohsar. Our journey was off to a fresh start; being treated with their signature nachos, cheesy mozzarella sticks carrot cake and icy frappecinos! Mocca is also known for its macaroons which were very delicate and delicious.

After this, we hopped on the tour bus to go to our second stop- Atrio Cafe. Atrio Cafe had a cosy feel to it and we were treated with scrumptious Red Snapper Fish along with Grilled chicken and Feta steak; the sauces in all of the dishes were finger licking good as it was super flavourful! 

Our next stop was- Mindanos. Mindanos had a very comfortable feel to it because of all the cheesy foods; their famous molten cheese lasagne, cheesy chicken, primavera pasta and fajita nachos! Their food was very rich and layered and we loved it! 

To end this day, FoodPanda topped it off with our favourite desert stop- Hotspot. Their famous squeaky cake, skillet fudge brownie, salted caramel brownie, sticky toffee and ice cream sundae satisfied our sweet tooth to the fullest!

All in all, it was a day full of bonding, friendships and VERY good food and we thank FoodPanda for this experience!

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