Rapid Fire With Iqra Aziz

Rapid Fire With Iqra Aziz
We played a quick round of rapid fire with our January cover girl the lovely Iqra Aziz.

Style maven or grunge?


Must-have makeup item in bag?


Favourite shadi-wear outfit?

Sharara or ghagra choli

Favourite mehndi -dance song from December 2018?

I’ve not been to enough weddings.

Favourite relaxation activity?

Music — listening to Abida Parveen.

Favourite show on TV?

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi!

Three favourite films?

The Danish Girl (2015), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and Spy (2015). I have plenty more though.

Music that makes you emotional?

Every song can make you emotional if you are stressed out enough.

Favourite travel destination?

Wherever my sister is. Germany is next for her so there!

Something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m not as talkative as I am considered to be. I will always be the introvert in the crowd.

The best trait you have got from your parents?

My mom’s features which is why I am beautiful.

An unusual habit?

Nail-biting — which is a bad habit, not unusual, bad.

Your life mantra?

Live in the moment! Tomorrow may never come. I always apply it to shopping too.

Your New Year resolution?

To be kind to everyone who loves me or doesn’t, especially people who put up a brave face to conceal their problems. I want to be someone people can just go and talk to.

If you were not an actor, you would be?

I would probably be a fashion designer.

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