Wahaj Ali: Inspired Actor And Family Man

Wahaj Ali: Inspired Actor And Family Man
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Who is Wahaj Ali? Describe yourself in a sentence.

I’m a young, devoted father.

Actors need inspiration, what is yours?

I am really inspired by Noman Ijaz – he’s a beautiful and effortless performer. I love Moin Akhtar; he was brilliant at his craft. At work, one learns a lot from people around one to become inspired in different ways.

When did you start acting and how many gigs have you done so far?

I started in 2015 and have done nine projects so far.

What is best and worst piece of advice you have ever received?

Noman Ijaz once said to me; ‘be like water, let your eyes speak and remember always that less is more.’ The worst advice was when I was told; ‘Dude don’t get married at this point of your career!’ Honestly, I started getting better opportunities right after my marriage.

Favourite pastime or ongoing hobby?

Spending every single second with my daughter.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have recently finished a TV serial called Mah-e-Tamam which is on air these days. I’m reading a couple of scripts so nothing is finalised yet.

Favourite co actor, male and female?

All my co-stars are my favourites. I try to be compatible with them which helps in connecting better at work and after work.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I really don’t plan things now and have no expectations – life is challenging and I just want to face every challenge with lot of positivity.

Any plans to intersect with Pakistan’s film industry in any capacity?

No, I am trying to focus only on television at this point in time – film is an entirely different medium.

When did you get married? What is the first thing you do when you get home from a shoot?

I got married in 2016. I am mostly travelling so whenever I come back, I get a big combined hug from all three ladies in my life; my mother, wife and daughter.

Are you a hands on father? Do you change diapers?

No, not at all, I am too lazy for that.

If you were not an actor, you would be…?

An amazing gardener.

Three most appealing qualities in a woman?

Well-spoken, confidant and sincere.

Your motto in life?

Do good and partake of the good.

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