Top 11 Hair Hacks That Every Girl Should Know Of

Top 11 Hair Hacks That Every Girl Should Know Of

Here are 10 awesome hair hacks that are hopefully going to change my life and yours!

1) Diet

Healthy hair starts on the inside, therefore you need to ensure you have plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated. Oh and a clean diet too. Eat a variety of food groups to ensure you get all the essential nutrients. Omega 3 fatty acids (found in avocados, fish oil capsules), Vitamin C (oranges, lemons, berries), vitamin A (carrots, potatoes), Biotin (eggs), Folic acids (green leafy vegetables).

2) Use a clean hair brush

Just like anything else, our hairbrushes can get dirty too- therefore we need to wash them regularly (just wash with your regular shampoo and scrub with an old toothbrush). You don’t want to be putting all the pile of gunk present in your brush on freshly washed hair, only god knows how much bacteria your brush can breed.

3) For great smelling hair

Use a dryer sheet and punch it through the bristles of your hair brush. I know it sounds silly but trust me, not only will this make your hair smell amazing but will also combat any frizziness you may have. Please don’t ever use perfume on your hair- perfumes have alcohol in them and that can really dry out your hair.

4) Hair mask or oil

Just 30 minutes before you shower, massage your scalp to get the blood flow going- which will encourage hair growth eventually.  A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Oiling the length of your hair will nourish each strand and make it smoother and shinier.

5) NEVER rub a towel on your hair

Patting it dry is one thing and totally acceptable. But when you rub your hair with a towel, the long fibre can actually damage your locks. A new method adopted by a lot of women is: drying their hair with a T-shirt. This may sound absolutely bizarre, but its not as bad as it sounds. The fibre present in a T-shirt is much more smoother, hence, less damaging for your hair.

6) Make your pony tail look longer

First you need to grab an upper section and make a high, half tie. With the remaining lower section of hair, make a low pony tail. Voila!

7) Smooth out Frizz

By spraying hair spray on a blush brush or a toothbrush and patting that on your fly aways or baby hair. This will definitely tame your mane and give you a sleek finish.

8) Split ends

Divide your hair into one inch sections and then twist them all the way to the bottom- your split ends will stick out and you can just trim them with a sharp pair of scissors. Just make sure to put a newspaper underneath on the floor.

9) Dry shampoo

This is great for in between washes where your hair can get super oily, especially in this humid weather. An alternative method is using baby powder or even corn starch. This deals with oily hair and also gives tonnes of volume!

10) NO Heat

Cut your hair some slack. Don’t use heat on your hair, try going natural- your hair is going to thank you a lot! 

11) Sleep on a satin pillow case

Like the true princess that you are, use a silky, smooth pillow case . This will minimise friction as you toss and turn in your sleep and give you smoother and shinier hair along with a good night's sleep!

Best of luck girls! Make sure to leave comments :)

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