Known for propagating cultural collaborations and putting Pakistan on the map, Shaan-e-Pakistan returns with a first of its kind Phygital Fashion Summit celebrating 5 successful years. Socialites, fashion icons, celebrities, music and a whole bunch of glitterati graced the event to discuss all-things fashion. You’ve probably seen social media still talking about the summit and you’re also super curious to know what actually happened. We understand the complete show is soon to be aired but if curiosity has gotten the best of you, then here are the top 5 moments from the event:

1.     The event kickstarted with CEO & Founder Ms. Huma Nassr revealing ‘Pakistan Kay Dhaagay’ - a memento that celebrates the culture of Pakistan. Dedicated to showing our country in a positive light, while elaborating on the philosophy behind the memento, Ms. Nassr aptly pointed out that our nation is already known for its textiles. Just like weaved fabric, Pakistan’s textile sector intertwines the country with the rest of the world. Thus, also giving the opportunity of propagating the hospitality that Pakistan should be known for. 

Following the announcement of the memento, Ms. Nassr also introduced ‘The Maestros from Across The Border’ which included an insightful documentary titled ‘The Ties That Bind’ where the audience gets an opportunity to explore the heritage of textile in the South Asian region as a means of cultural promotion; the latter half featured two Nawabs, Mr Yousuf Salahuddin and Nawab Kazim of Rampur discussing ‘Fashion of the Mughal Era’.

2.     Already famous for being the platform that not only supports established artists (including fashion, music, etc.) but also provides countless opportunities for emerging and aspiring designers. The SEP Fashion Summit 2021 proved no different. It provided an open forum for healthy discussions which will only ensure growth of fashion as well as other industries in the future. 

3.     Seeing far more potential in fashion as opposed to sports, CEO & Founder Huma Nassr introduced a ground breaking concept – the Pakistan Super Fashion League. This has definitely seeded the idea of future collaborations and building together instead of building in seclusion, to help create a promising future for all. 

4.     2 referees and 19 Fashion maestros from Ms. Nassr’s Pakistan Super Fashion League shared fruitful and concrete ideas. If taken forward, these will definitely help evolve the country’s fashion industry to one that is at par with all international fashion industries. 

5.     Culture connects all mediums and that reverberated loud at the SEP Fashion Summit 2021. Showcasing more than just fashion, Shaan-e-Pakistan also put forth promising music talent while ensuring that the Pakistani culture continues to shine brighter via such collaborations.

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