8 Beauty Hacks That'll Change Your Life

8 Beauty Hacks That'll Change Your Life

Everyone wants to look their best and be presentable; be it at a wedding, a formal dinner or even when hanging out with your best buds. Usually time is always crucial and most looks or tricks cannot be achieved as one envisions. We have picked out some of our favourite beauty hacks that might make a difference in your everyday life.

These hacks that will save your time and help you look great. Almost every lady yearns for beauty tips that will help her to have more beautiful skin, shiny hair, faster makeup routines, and ideas for alternate uses of everyday beauty products. These hacks means that maybe you should use some products differently than you usually do or that with the help of these tricks you can later help a friend in need!

  1. If you're short on time or not really a makeup junkie and have limited products, use lipstick to add some color to your eyelids, lips and cheeks. Just blend it in so it looks even. You can also use a lip gloss insead for a more glowy look.  Pinks and reds are the best shades to opt for. 
  2.  Always a struggle to tame your baby and fly-away hair? Spray a little hairspray on a spare toothbrush and smoothly brush your fly-aways along the hairline. If you have coarse or thick hair, spray hairspray directly on the fly-aways and smooth it out with a toothbrush.
  3. Every girls worst nightmare- running out of makeup remover. Luckily, coconut oil, a life saver and better alternative for many hacks, can be the perfect makeup remover. Put some on a cotton pad, wipe over makeup and voila!
  4.  An insecurity to many- a pimple. You can master the perfect pimple coverage. First step layer the spot with foundation, then concealer, and finally use your setting powder to ensure the blemish is completely covered and for the product not to budge.
  5. If you want to keep the fragrance of your perfumes last longer on your skin, it is necessary to apply it immediately after the shower as the humidity of the body will help in this.
  6. Apply your bronzer in a "3" shape for a quick contour. This is an easy hack which does not require one to spend loads on a fancy contour kit. An old bronzer would work just perfect for this trick. Don't apply bronzer all over your face—apply it in the shape of a three starting from over your forehead, towards your cheekbones, and making your way towards your jawline.


    Picking out the perfect foundation shade is a task for many. Usually, a test patch is done on ones arm or hands, but the perfect way to pick your shade is to test the foundation on your neck as this gives a more natural look. It is known that a persons skin on your face isn't the same color as the rest of your body due to increased sun exposure or breakouts. So, if you match your foundation to your cheek or hands you might end up with a shade that doesn't match your neck and chest. So, for future reference swipe three shades of foundation similar to your skin tone that are right below your jawline, blend them in, and whichever shade disappears is the one you should choose. 


    Reduce hair frizz by drying your hair with a t-shirt. Towels pull too much moisture out of your hair, which makes it frizzy, but the smooth cotton of a shirt will remove the excess water yet will still be damp and leave your hair frizz-free. And another pro tip always air dry your hair.

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