Chota Baloch: From Tea-Seller To Rapper

Chota Baloch: From Tea-Seller To Rapper
From the streets of Sibbi in Balochistan comes a young boy Abid who can't read or write but is very street-smart. By profession he is a tea-seller but also an excellent performer - to be precise, a rapper. Just recently, he decided to collaborate with Pakistan's best EDM sensation, SomeWhatSuper

According to Mangobaaz his unique but inspirational story is as simple as him working as an errand-boy at Sibbi mela. Abid had the distinct talent of performing in front of crowds, especially while serving tea and snacks. Having the spirit of an entertainer, he would be often called upon on stage to perform for the crowds where sometimes he danced and other times he sang. Locals recruited him for events such as shaadis to perform. Eventually, his persistence and of course talent led him to get discovered.

Earlier Abid had an unfortunate experience when a big artist had asked him to come to Lahore to record some music. Abid made his way to the city paying for all the expenses out of his own income only to find that the artist could not be reached. This left him hopeless and depressed. However, luck was on his side.

He uses his half Baloch and half Sindhi roots to his advantage by incorporating both the languages to come up with a song that sounds great and mimics international rap.

Here's a video of him as part of Patari Tabee series: