A Wellness Tea for Karachi’s Weather Change

A Wellness Tea for Karachi’s Weather Change
Beat the weather blues…

Winter is officially over! The awkward transition stage between Karachi’s flu-infused winter and vertigo-inducing summer has arrived. This drastic weather change (coupled with the cloud of pollution that perpetually hangs over us) can often put a lot of stress on our body. During these transitions all of us are way more susceptible to our bodies crashing and falling sick. You literally need to shut down and rest. Our body’s defenses can be down and our immune system is thrown off entirely while it adapts.


The best way to keep your immunity up and have a fighting chance to prevent a crash is to invest in body healing super foods. Our favourite immunity elixir is a simple recipe for a wellness tea. The good thing is you can find all FOUR ingredients in your kitchen cabinet.


Instructions: Make sure you boil a cup of water with a stick of cinnamon and 2-3 cloves. After adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder you may include honey to your taste preference.


Not only does this tea keep your immunity levels high enough to fight your environmental changes but also incorporating turmeric powder into your wellness routine is the ultimate game changer. You will never meet a single doctor or nutrition expert who can deny the fact that turmeric is not only beneficial to your health but is highly recommended for your hair, skin and nail health. Furthermore these endless benefits extend to a good digestive system as well as hormone balance. For an ethnicity plagued with the inevitable prison of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in our women, manage your symptoms by incorporating this tea into your daily routine. Say goodbye to random dips in energy, sniffles, acne breakouts and feeling the loss of control over your own body.

Gear up and take charge of your health, no matter what the weather.

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