I’m a real model - by that I mean I’m a real person. My life is all about inspiring the generation on their fitness goals and how they can feel good within their skin just by having a good & healthy lifestyle, said Salah.

Dubai based Pakistani model Hamza Salah known as @hamzasalahofficiall on Instagram, is arguably among the models most Middle Eastern photographers are demanding. Breaking through basics, Hamza was found saying, 'My body is the best outfit that I can ever wear.'

Moving onto his background and career building, he explained, 'I’ve been in the business for almost ten years. I am also a futurist; I spend a significant amount of time researching emerging technologies and educating young people with regards to their fitness. Digital models and influencers are successfully storming through the fashion industry from every angle. Some have even been signed to traditional modeling agencies just like myself, but what makes me different is I am not all about myself, I am out there to influence the public to achieve their goals. You can accomplish any goal in life, provided you feel good about yourself and you will only do so when you are fit and have organised lifestyle.' 

As such, when asked about his daily routine, the model noted: 'I wake up before sunrise do my empty stomach cardio and start my days, I have fitness clients that I train on daily basis, after that, if I have my shoots scheduled I focus on it, and later by evening I do my own workout I focus on or two muscles each day, By evening, I prep my meal: this is one of my favourite parts, I love being responsible for my own meal preps and nourishing my body with some good food.'


When questioned about his plans to Pakistan and support his motherland, Hamza said, 'I have shoots lined up already with some famous Pakistani photographers, Once I am done with my shoots in Dubai, by February 2022, I will visit Pakistan for some incredible work, which you guys will be seeing soon. My future plans are to keep inspiring youth the way I am doing now so they stay healthy while staying in good shape.'

Inspired by his stances, we wish Hamza all the best for his modelling and social media endeavours.