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No matter where you live on this planet Earth, if you are going through some skin concerns, then you will be stigmatised by this carping society as someone who's bound to be unlikable. There are a lot of beauty standards benchmarked against un-naturalism. These so-called standards then unfortunately spread through the ever-growing social media, thus becoming an obsession for most, particularly our youth.

From cystic acne to dermatitis to burn marks to various other skin concerns, the sufferers think they are worthy of encapsulation and not exposing themselves to the world - We treat not just the skin as bad, but the person under it. 

The Internet is littered with stories of people feeling downright unlovable because of their skin. Thus, developing low self-esteem and avoiding social engagements. Not only adults but children are also subjected to such judgments.

A first-time mom experienced the condescending looks of other moms when she took her year-old eczema prone toddler to park, that was the first time but not the last. Whenever he got flare ups and was covered with blotches, people used to ask, “what's wrong with him” and whether this condition is contagious, while taking a step back. Years went by and the parents could not find a reliable source that would sell authentic eczema products and deliver to their doorstep. So they took the matter in their own hands and opened an online skin store - MerryDerma - that emphasizes specializedproducts for numerous skin concerns.

MerryDerma's target is to help people in Pakistan who are desperate to get certain products for skin relief but cannot find the appropriate ones. They have products for skin issues like eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, extra dry skin, acne, ageing, and other therapeutic skin care products for other such common issues in Pakistan. Products are not only limited to moisturisers, but they have also included washes, cleansers, sunscreens, etc.

We can't put a stamp on what a bad skin or a good skin is, but if someone's skin is an adding factor for their low self-esteem, stress and poor quality of life then we as a society can help others overcome that ideal skin obsession. MerryDerma also has the same objective - helping others to address their skin concerns by providing necessary product range, while at the same time guiding them to embrace their imperfections by sharing MerryDerma's very own personal journey.

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