Bottling Light - Pepsi Strives to Illuminate the Nation

Bottling Light - Pepsi Strives to Illuminate the Nation
Pepsi has launched a heart-warming initiative to make us think for the less fortunate members of our society. Having electricity is a privilege not everyone can afford, so to help the under privileged Pepsi launched their #PepsiLiterOfLight campaign this Ramadan. Initially the main idea of this campaign was to approach celebrities and influential people to take a picture with their eyes closed and upload it on their social media with the hashtag #EyesClosedForLight. For each liter bought Pepsi will light up one life. This approach was met with a brilliant response with celebrities like Fawad Khan, Sajal Aly, Mehreen Syed, Ayesha Omer and more uploaded a picture on their social media supporting Pepsi whole heartedly.

Pepsi initiated this program in 2015 and has taken it onwards to a bigger scale, lighting up lives of more than 70,000 people and 40+ villages in far flung corners of Pakistan with the help of their partners ACE Welfare Foundation. The areas that have been lit up include villages in Kalam, Chitral, Bannu, Khushab, Okara, Tharparkar, Chaman, Mubarak Village, and most recently fishermen communities in Qasim Machhi Village, Sindh. This year through their digital campaign Pepsi is tracking their daily impressions and also aims invest further into this cause if the number of hashtags increases more than their set target.

Taking this campaign a step further, Pepsi held a social event, book launch, to promote their idea even more and to create awareness. A country that is suffering from major identity crisis and is being labeled for all the wrong things, this campaign puts forward a positive image of Pakistan in the eyes of others. Apart from this, the main aim of this proposal is to basically provide electricity to the areas that still live without their basic necessity of electricity being met. Now Pepsi is taking a big step by saying that with every picture uploaded with the hashtag  #EyesClosedForLight  they will help provide light to those in need. So this is our chance to stand up for our members of the society and help them light up their life.

According to the marketing head of Pepsi, “we started the campaign years ago and the response is amazing every year but this time the turnout is commendable and that goes to show the solidarity of public for this good cause. Since the beginning of Ramadan, we started our campaign of installing lights with the aim to impact at least 30,000 lives or more.”

Having a country that up to this day has 30 million people living in the dark, this campaign can help in the betterment of these people. With electricity comes growth which in turn will help Pakistan. Therefore, In this day and age, and Pakistan being a democratic country we as the citizens have all the power to take maters like this in our hands and Pepsi is giving us the best opportunity to implement this.