1. Simple but Chic!

The trending outfits this year have followed the concept of simplicity but also stylish designs. There is nothing better in this hot weather than to wear something light, but also classy enough to make your Instagram picture be on fire! The trick is to select an outfit that you feel comfortable in, and make it fashionable, rather than keeping it plain! Add some tulip shalwars or a sharlwar with a short kurta! Anything can look chic if you wear it well.

2. The plain solids with heavy Dupattas

This is the best trend in the fashion industry, and is still recommended to be followed! Having a plain solid outfit with a heavy embroidered or laced dupatta is perfect for Eid! Just imagine the gorgeous color combinations one can get out of this; red with black? Blue and white?

3. Select a ravishing color combination!

A good color combination always lights up anyone's day. It's all about how colors uplift each other, and your skin as well! Wear light colors or dark, the main thing is they match each other and compliment you, and express who you are as a person.

4. Check the weather prediction!

The weather is really unpredictable this Eid! Monsoon rain or hot scorching heat? No one really knows, so make sure you check the predictions right, and pick an outfit that suits both kinds of weather, and matches the tone of the day too.

5. Accessories are your besties!

Jhumkay, gajras, Afghani bracelets, and necklaces are essential to match along with your outfit! Or if you prefer dainty simplistic jewelry then there are plenty available in bazaars, supermarts, and online shops. Accessories are a must, and no outfit can be enhanced and reach its potential without them. 

6. Perfect Shoes leave no one in blues

Shoes are what complete an outfit; no one wants to wear a pretty Eid look without having the best shoes. My secret is to keep accessories and shoes to basic colors, black or white to keep them affordable. However, if you can bear more expense, then a new matching pair will do justice to your outfit on Eid.

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