Life is like a book where it unfolds many chapters, with each beginning, a new idea unveils providing the basis for its succeeding events. Sometimes you will come across certain parts you don't want to read, but the real beauty is when you keep your hopes high, don't give up, and make your bad chapters - a lesson for others.

'I think it’s brave that you push away the waves rolling in every day, and you decide to fight. I know there are days when you feel like giving up, but I think it’s brave that you never do,' — Lana Rafaela

Life emerged out of a single cell which seemed quite similar to the others yet the single-cell holds a completely distinct and independent life of its own. Then what is making us all different? What brings out all that uniqueness? If your answer lies in the weirdly designed bodies and complex organs then your concept is just too monotonous. Having the five senses working fine and even talking about the sixth sense doesn’t make anyone any different from me, the man next door, or even the president of Pakistan. 

The real uniqueness lies within, where your perspectives, endeavours, honest actions, and patience makes a difference. Our bodies are more than just bones and flesh - we are that race of creatures who have learned to adapt, cope, and continue with the situation. Being physically handicapped or abnormal - never shut the doors of creativity as it is basically just innate. Talking about the disabled group or preferably weakened group of our society; who are not weak in hopes or desires but in confidence which is only because of us; the able ones. Because of us, they’ve been held under a constant microscope, objecting to their talents and questioning their skills. You might find me skeptic rather annoying, but it's a bitter truth that needs to unravel. We always identify disabled people as feeble and vulnerable. We always view them as a source of Piety or mere inspiration. 

As said by Stella Young; a prominent disability activist. 'Disabled people are more disabled by Our societies than our body’s and our diagnosis'.

It is true that our world is not designed to immediately accommodate those with certain physical limitations. without denying the fact that disabled people do have a harder life as they are at a constant battle with themselves. But we should give them time to look at their specific set of circumstances and embrace what they have rather than lamenting over what they don’t. Just think about the grief of a mother who has discovered that her newborn is suffering from some kind of abnormality. Imagine breaking her heart into nine pieces, each piece for the month she bore that child in her womb.

But If I’m here talking about hard work, compassion, patience, and striving, then why is the mother fearful, heartbroken, and complaining? Why is she not embracing the reality of her child? The answer lies in the harsh realities and prejudiced ideas that have built their roots deep down in our society. We will always be surrounded by people who don’t want to set an exception. we are settled in a weird world where everyone has to fit in the idea of the Norm and we deny to look outside the box, ending up ignoring the brighter side of everybody. You can never force square pegs in circular holes or master the ideas you’re not made for.

Let me ask a simple question here, are we all perfectionists? Can we achieve the best out of everything? The first answer is probably 'no' because failure helps you grow. Judge yourself and find ways to overcome the fears. Being physically or mentally disabled is just an obstacle that can be easily put sideways. Extend the boundaries and challenge those limitations - discover new skills and work on them because young fellows doesn’t belong in the house confined to the bedroom. Break certain impractical rules and set your own. You have to wear your weaknesses as a strength and show how pretty your strength is. Don’t let this physical limitation eat away your goals.

Just spare yourself few minutes and ponder over the bounties and blessings that we could have missed. If personalities as Stephen Hawkins, Farhat Rasheed, Hellen Keller, Thomas Edison, many more, despite their hard lives and differences, would have ignored to play their role - buried their skills under the pile of hatred and failure that they received.

You are the one who has to stand for your existence, try to find your capabilities, your strongest points, embrace your weaknesses because being different is beautiful. This is what is defining you and making you stand out. The biggest hurdle in your way is you; yourself, when you think you’re never going to surprise or amaze people with your talents, you should at least stand for the contentment of your heart, at least give it a chance. Learn to do more than just to give up. You’ll get through, you’ll get your deserved place but only if you try. If you ever feel stressed, depressed, or failing, just look in the mirror and breathe, and yes! You’re all sorted. You are the one who has to face your nightmares and has to chase away your demons. You are the one who has to turn your impossibles into possibles. You’re the one who has to remove the unwanted ‘Dis’ from all your abilities.

Written by: Zain Jameel 

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