Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Episode 3: The Most Unforgettable Performances of All Time

Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Episode 3: The Most Unforgettable Performances of All Time
With much hype created around the renowned platform that has returned with a bang - Pepsi Battle of the Bands continues to impress its audience by delivering one successful episode after the other with the latest one being episode 3. By now, it is safe to say, Pakistan has a lot of talent when it comes to music. Be it rock, pop, folk - the country with its diverse population has a lot to offer.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Episode 3 begins with the beautiful and talented host Ayesha Omar introducing the theme of the episode as the 'band's favourite song', setting the mood for yet another exciting episode of hits alongside a star-studded panel of judges.

Legendary Atif Aslam  and Shahi Hassan (former member of Vital Signs) also joined the judges panel alongside Fawad Khan and Meesha Shafi as permanent judges on the show - it doesn't get better than this!

However, moving on to the knock out round, the top eight bands performed their favourite songs as per the theme for this episode. And here is the low down:


There is no doubt here that ever since they made it to the top eight, they have given it their best. As a tribute to the legendary artist Amir Zaki, the band stole the show by performing a rendition of his popular track Mera Pyaar. According to the judges: Atif particularly loved the versatile vocals and falsetto incorporated into the performance. Fawad called it ‘hair raising’ ! Surely it was one memorable performance that hit home!


Though Badnaam from Lahore did not expect to make the cut to the top eight, their unique style of performing and loud music is perhaps what has brought them so far. However, taking this opportunity as a challenge, the band performed a traditional folk song  Kala Jora and as always Fawad was loved the eccentric band, and Shahi called out the vocalist Ahmed Jilani for his brilliant performance.


The band rooted from Karachi performed Allah he Dega by Sounds of Kolachi. Wearing their heart on their sleeve, they gave a moving performance that in Shahi's words was 'close to perfection'.

Jasim and the Pindi Boys:

Groomed and grown as a band, they covered “Jabse hum huwe” by Vital Signs.

The band itself seemed to enjoy while performing and it was evident when Fawad commented that he loved their fun transformation on stage.


Aura performed a rendition of Dekhana Tha by Alamgir. Despite an energetic performance, the judges had some positive criticism to offer.


The brand's unique power lies in their energy, as they talked about the adrenaline rush they feel while performing and it is interesting to note that they performed Kahan Hai Tu  by E.P. considering Fawad Khan being the judge who too was once a part of a rock band.


The band with the pitch perfect vocalist, Shajar is overwhelmed to be in the top 8! They performed the iconic song by the maestro, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan titled Kisay da Yaar.

Atif called Nimra’s vocal range exceptional however, the judges mutually felt that the vocals and the band’s music was not harmoniously coming together.


A band that represents different cities, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi found a unique way a jam together hours before the audition managed to make it this far covered Hadiqa Kiyani's Iss Baar Milo with their own touch of electronic music. They were lauded for their unique approach.

However, as the performances concluded, two bands were eliminated being, Shajar and Aura who had to leave the show.

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