Get the look: Go Green And White This Independence Day

Get the look: Go Green And White This Independence Day
In spirit of Independence Day, I have decided to create an eye makeup look. I think it’s fairy obvious I would incorporate white and green into this. No surprise here, Let’s dive straight into it.

For this look, I have mainly worked with eye shadows in two of my too faced cosmetics palettes. One is called ‘Sweet Peach’ and the other ‘Chocolate Bar’. Can I just add; these palettes smell so much like chocolates and peaches, I have actually contemplated tasting them. I haven’t tasted them though….. I’m lying the chocolate bar actually tastes like chocolate. Don’t judge me. Moving on….

Starting with the ‘Chocolate Bar’, I chose the shade ‘Salted caramel’ as my first transition shade. Using any blending brush (I used the Mac 217) apply this onto the crease, as messily as you like, all the way from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes. The next transition shade is called ‘Milk chocolate’. Using the same blending brush, a little more carefully this time as this shade is darker, work it into the crease from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Then, taking the shade ‘Triple Fudge’ with the same blending brush, darken the outer corners of the eyes. I usually tend to pack on a lot of the darkest shade onto the outer corner lid space and use a clean blending brush to blend it into the crease, from inner corner to outer corner and reduce the appearance of any harsh lines.

The main shade I used from the ‘Sweet Peach’ palette is called ‘Bless Her Heart’. It is an olive green shade. Take this on a small flat brush and pack it onto the lid space in tapping motions rather than sweeping it across. This is because sweeping motions tend to cause fall out and the pigment is never as bright as when you use tapping motions. Taking a small pencil brush, apply the shade ‘White Peach’ as the inner corner and brow bone highlight.

Using my go-to eye liner, which is the Bobbi Brown gel liner in the shade ‘Black Ink’, darken your lashes and create a wing. The trick to getting a symmetrical, sharp wing, is basically following your lower lash line at the outer corner upwards. That would be the angle your wing should point at. Then join it to your lash line. Its fairly easy, all it takes is a bit of practice.

Now for the fun part of the look. I decided to double line. Using Mac Cosmetic’s eye kohl in the shade ‘Fascinating’, which is basically a stark white eye pencil, trace the top of your black liner with white. It’s literally as simple as that. You may have to go back and forth between making the black a little sharper and then the white a little shaper but it is literally not rocket science and doesn’t take too long either.

Using the same white kohl pencil, line your waterline to give a more wide-eyed effect. I personally think that compliments the white on the upper lid as well. Using the shade 'Triple Fudge’ from the ‘Chocolate Bar’ once again, smoke out the lower lash line using a pencil brush.

Pack on lots and lots of mascara and apply false lashes. I have used Huda Beauty lashes in the style ‘Farah’ (my favourite).

That, in a nutshell, gives you my 14th of August inspired eye look. I hope you like it ;)