HELLO! Speaks To Uma Dara, The 21 Year Old Fashion Designer and Aspiring Lawyer Who Is Setting The Bar High

HELLO! Speaks To Uma Dara, The 21 Year Old Fashion Designer and Aspiring Lawyer Who Is Setting The Bar High
Tell us a little about yourself and your namesake clothing line?

I’m a womenswear designer and a final year law student. I would say I am mainly a self-taught designer however I did attend Central Saint Martins for my formal education. Even though I always had a penchant towards fashion but it was in 2018 when I decided to take up fashion designing professionally which was followed by tremendous appreciation and success. From the very beginning, my aim was to create a fashion line focusing on the finest quality clothing with a timeless appeal rather than focusing on temporary trends and flashing neon colours.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Classically feminine.

Your most memorable work by far?

Well, there are many but if I have to mention a few it would be getting to work with the world’s leading designers like Emilia Wickstead and Pam Hogg. It indeed was a great experience to learn more about the global fashion trade.

What sets you apart from other designers?

The fact that I was the first Pakistani designer to collaborate with PETA for Pakistan's first-ever PETA approved clothing collection. Since I’m very passionate about animal rights, contributing to ethical fashion has always been extremely close to my heart.

What would your advice be to aspiring young designers?

It might sound a bit clichéd but always believe in yourself. There is nothing in this world that is impossible to achieve, nonetheless it takes time! Like they say, even miracles take a little time so work hard and be patient.

How do you manage to multitask between your two careers?

As I said earlier, I always had an eye for fashion but at the same time, I was inquisitive about social issues and intrigued to understand the law of the land. Thus, I decided to pursue both my passions, and as for creating a balance between the two I believe self-motivation was the key, and when there is passion and dedication, nothing is unattainable.

Where do you find inspiration from?

I mostly get my inspiration through various books and mother nature of course. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I try to steer clear of fashion magazines as I believe getting inspiration from other designers work is highly unethical. And as a result of this, I always manage to bring something new to the table.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

A mini getaway is my best bet but sometimes a simple aroma therapy combined with music therapy can do the trick.

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