Wajid Khan Talks To HELLO!

Wajid Khan Talks To HELLO!
In a quick interview we speak to stylist Wajid Khan about all things beauty, latest trends, makeup tricks and more.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a makeup artist.

I started off in 2000 working for a TV channel. I was doing the makeup of the presenters. Soon I started freelancing. I think as far as I recall, colours and paints have always been a big part of my childhood. I remember I would burn crayons and mix it with my mother’s lipstick shades and would make new colours. I eventually started my own salon in 2012.


  1. How did you enter into this field?  

When you work for the channel it is easier to make contacts if you know your work well. There were many artists who got used to my styling. Even when I left the channel and moved on to freelancing, they continued to work with me. That loyalty gave me confidence and I thought that I should have my own salon and I rented a portion at Angeline Malik’s house at Khayaban-e-Ittehad. That’s how I started.


  1. You’ve worked with many known celebrities. How do you network to get into the industry?

I may have worked with the best in business but let me tell you, you are as good as your last work. And it's your work that keeps you in the business or merely reduces you to just another salon. The networking helps, but at the same time you must keep yourself up-to-date with trends. You must know where fashion is moving. Else you can’t hold on to people based on your networking. Just like us, they want good results.


  1. Three celebrities you’d love to glam up.

I would love to work with Piryanka Chopra and Naomi Campbell. It was once my wish to style the late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. These are iconic women and I would love to associate myself with such names.


  1. How do you stay up to date with the latest beauty trends?

I am a keen observer. I can tell by one look what colour or shade a person is wearing because I have dealt with the products extensively. Nowadays, Social Media is a great source for pictures, videos and I am an avid follower of British Vogue. I have also started my own YouTube channel for which I keep on checking videos of what's currently in fashion. Films, both Hollywood and Bollywood is another way to learn techniques.


  1. What do you foresee as the top beauty trends heading into summer 2020? 

You know we used to earlier classify a look as a summer or a fall look, but now that you step out from one cooling place to another, i.e. from your car to a hotel or to a wedding and so on so I think that doesn’t apply anymore. But yes from a clothing point of view pastels are always a great idea in the summer. Also depends on the body type, if you are broader, then a darker color would suit better.


  1. What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a makeup artist?

He may be the master of his craft but he must know how to make his client happy. He may have a great vision or a look in his mind but that has no value if your client is not happy with your end result. A great stylist shares his vision with the client and takes the client's opinion as well. Then he creates something on the middle ground. Remember, unless it is your own fashion show, you should always go by what your client wants but deliver it with your signature style.


  1. What beauty look on a woman do you love?

I think a woman must know what are her pluses when it comes to makeup or styling. Some girls are confident enough to carry eye makeup at a formal event whereas others might need to go for complete makeup and hair. Women must know what look they are most confident with because at the end, it's her who will carry the look. It’s a crime to generalize an opinion especially when every woman has a separate identity and style.


  1. Crucial steps everyone needs to follow while doing their makeup?

Always do the trials. If you have to attend an important event then just like you know the dress you are going to wear weeks in advance, you must also have an idea of the hair and makeup you would be doing. Check yourself with that trial and take an opinion from whom you trust and go for it. If you like yourself, then honestly you don’t need anyone else to agree with you. That’s how trends are set.


  1. Your most memorable work by far?

My most memorable works would include two major entertainment events. The first one was when I had attended Miss Universe 2013 as the stylist in Russia and the second one was IIFA in 2017 that took place in New York. But as times have evolved since then, so I would say my best is yet to come.


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