Six Life Lessons I Owe To Reading Harry Potter as a Child

Six Life Lessons I Owe To Reading Harry Potter as a Child
Going on a Harry Potter reading marathon was hands down the best decision I made during #quarantine2020. Strangely, each time I go over the seven part series which plunges into a fictional wizarding world poles apart from my own… I unearth the underlying (and mystifying!) themes that convince me Harry Potter was integral in shaping my personality as a child.

In fact, Generation Y would unanimously agree that Harry Potter is the best read of our times which has taught values many course books had lacked back then.

Seven years after I read the first book – the Philosopher’s Stone – I attest to the fact that often fiction stories impart us more than an escape from reality, often they impart us a moral compass like Harry Potter did. Mysterious, but yes.  


1)      Encouraged My Love For Reading

Reading books taught me more about life more than school, the streets or the internet ever did. It is one habit that I am extremely proud of which also paid off in the long run as I grew older. The Harry Potter series got me reading. With each passing year as J.K Rowling would release a new part,  I stayed hooked, anticipating a story too bewitching to put down. 

2)      Friendships Are More Important Than You Think

 The lead protagonists – Harry, Hermoine and Ron – ceased to be just mere fictional characters to Potterheads. Their friendship and bonding became an epitome of what modern friendships must hold. The trio was the perfect model of how best friends always have your back, regardless of any fallouts in the past. 

3)      Bravery Can Take More Than One Form – Accept That

From Harry summoning up all the courage he had in him to face Lord Voldemort in their numerous encounters; to Dumbledore’s unwavering bravado and intellect against the myriads of evil; to Neville standing up against his own friends for the right stance; and to Snape who upheld a façade for the longest time in the name of love against the Darkest wizard of the times -- bravery is an attribute which takes many shapes and too often is misunderstood.

 4)      Face Your Fears

Be it enormous spiders, or half-giants; nasty tyrants at school or the Darkest Wizard capable of inflicting an inexplicable measure of harm,  you must face your fears and face them fast. Don’t bury them. 

5)      Having A Strong Conscience

The inherent understanding of right and wrong backed by actions that are driven by a solid conscience have recurring themes in the Potter series. It helps the readers navigate through their moral compasses in making candid and right choices in their lives. It certainly helped with mine.   

6)      When In Doubt, Go the Library

‘Because that's what Hermione does,’ said Ron, shrugging. ‘When in doubt, go to the library.’

Hermoine’s incessant reading and fixation with going to the library for answers emphasizes the power of knowledge and how it helps a person sail through the most difficult situations in life. And indeed, if it wasn’t for this young lady’s penchant for reading and lust for knowledge, her clan would be killed in the first novel only, with no prospects of the Harry Potter series continuing all the way up to seven unforgettable parts.

What lesson did you learn from the Harry Potter series?