Mahe Tamam’s Last Two Episodes Will Leave You Astounded!

Mahe Tamam’s Last Two Episodes Will Leave You Astounded!
We are a drama serial loving nation, and every season we all have some favorites that completely stand out from the rest! This time one drama that we particularly followed was Mahe Tamam on Hum TV.  From the start, being based on a novel the story had captured our interests and along with a talented star cast the show definitely has lived upto our expectations. Only the last two episodes are left and this ride couldn’t be more exciting, the two characters that really pulled it off were Ramsha Khan and Wahaj Ali. There pairing on screen was absolutely phenomenal.

Both being relatively new in the industry put forward their best while making us addicted to their acting and charm. The chemistry between their characters was very refined and made the audience go back for more every time. Ramsha Khan played her character upto boot while showing us her cultivated acting skills that leave us with a promise of greater things from her in future. While talking to Hello Pakistan! this is what the starlet had to say,

“I had so much fun shooting this play with Wahaj and the rest of the cast. Things are going to get super intense in the last two episodes. Its going to be a roller coaster ride with a nice ending! ”

Apart form Ramsha, Wahaj has been another highlight in the whole serial. With his intense acting skills and on point expressions this boy will surely do wonders in the coming years. In each episode we could see his acting prowess getting better every time and in his own words Wahaj told us, “ Mahe Tamam is really close to my heart. I never knew I would get such great response from the viewers. The acting bit was very difficult for me because the storyline is based on a novel & the readers had already shaped the characters in their imagination and to match that imagination was a real challenge for me! But thank you for liking our characters and accepting Taqi and Shifa ”

We can’t wait to see Taqi and Shifa bring out a beautiful end to their story with their off the chart chemistry. Catch Mahe Tamam this coming Monday at 8pm, on Hum Tv for the 2nd last episode.