#DekhoMeriNazarSe: A Powerful and Emotional Equality Campaign That Will Hit Straight Home

#DekhoMeriNazarSe: A Powerful and Emotional Equality Campaign That Will Hit Straight Home
While we spent most of Ramadan obsessing over what to devour for sehri and iftar, this heartwarming video serves as a timely reminder of the essence of what the Holy month is really about. Samsung's #DekhoMeriNazarSe brings together Pakistanis via a sentimental video to bridge the gap between the rich and poor and in return promote equality.

The touching idea in relation to the insight that different people's phone's camera lens can't differentiate and tell differences between people; we too should do the same. This new ideology put forward by the renowned brand touches the heart and hits straight home.

In the video, people are seen looking down or nudging away other members of the society who they don't consider to be at the same social class as them, though, this is something we usually overlook and don't pay much attention to - it does not make it right. Through this video, we are reminded that everyone is equal no matter how rich or poor.

Samsung encourages citizens to join the movement of advocating equality based on the premise that humans are one and it is time to eliminate the divides prevalent in the country. The video brings a new perspective of equality to light as an essential issue that is persistently growing and now is finally being addressed.

The initiative to create awareness and promote equality makes Samsung the nation's partner that urges  people to break free of the divide, biases and prejudice surrounding us!

Completely moved by the video, people have taken to social media to applaud the campaign, and influencers have joined in the conversation.

Take a look at the video yourself, and share your feedback with us!