1. Remember Eid's essence!

The purpose of having this Eid, and why is it important is vital to keep in mind before starting preparations. This day is about sacrifice, patience, humility, and giving to others so make sure all your preparations and intentions are aligned with the true essence of Eid-ul-adha.

2. Plan the distribution of the sacrificial animal!

The essential part of the sacrificial animal is making sure its meat is eaten well with gratitude. Make sure to select good portions of the meat for others, especially the ones that buy meat often, and can't afford it!

3. Take good care of the sacrificial animal!

Since this Eid is focused on the sacrifice of animals, it is important to feed your animal good nourishing food and treat the animal with love and affection and make sure they are taken care of well before their sacrifice.

4. Select a good fresh clothing!

It's not about how expensive or grand the dawats are, or how luxurious the clothes on Eid look, it's all preference! However, making sure that clothes are fresh and new or just clean!

5. Don't make the day 'boring'

Not everyone has places to go, and houses to be guests at, therefore one often sees people talking about their boring experiences on this day. Don't let this day become a day for you to complain, instead plan something to do on the day even if you have nowhere to go. The important thing is to be grateful, do your farz, and enjoy the holiday!

6. Be grateful, and giving.

Amidst scrolling through Eid sales, and exquisite new clothing wardrobes, remember what you have right now and list the things down! Don't let this day become a source of envy and sadness for you over materialism. Remember that this day is the complete opposite of that! 

7. Clean your house.

The majority of Muslims meet each other on Eids, and families unite on this day to eat, celebrate and show gratitude on this day. An important part of inviting guests is making sure your house is clean and dusted!

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