This Couple Went All Out With a Harry Potter Inspired Photo Shoot

This Couple Went All Out With a Harry Potter Inspired Photo Shoot
A couple living in Oregon, United States just took their Harry Potter obsession on a whole new level. Katherine and Jesse Oldfield had a Harry Potter inspired photo shoot for their children Sebastian and new born Theo.

A picture of a mandrake was what inspired Katherine to do the photo shoot. In the Potter books, Mandrakes are Mediterranean plants of the nightshade family, which shriek as they are pulled from the ground. Katherine thought it would be a fun idea to have baby Theo dressed as a mandrake considering new born babies cry all the time anyway.

Sebastian, meanwhile, dressed up as Harry wearing soundproof earmuffs to block out the noise.

The pictures were taken by professional photographer Kelsey Clouse who runs Lune de la rogue photography. She told

"I took some individual pictures of him while he just sat there in Jesse's hands, drifting off. After a few shots, I figured those were the only kinds of pictures of him that we were going to get so at that point, we decided to put Sebastian next to him and right then the golden moment struck."

Kelsey shared the unique photo of the kids on her Facebook page on July 3, and it has since gone viral on the internet with over 89,000 shares and 53,000 likes.

The picture is a follow up sequence of a similar shoot done over a year ago when Sebastian was only 8 months old. The toddler was dressed up as Harry Potter sitting in a trunk alongside all the Potter books, an owl cage and a broom.

All else aside I think we can give the couple an A+ for their ability to think out of the box.