Faraz Abid Sheikhu Talks To HELLO!

Faraz Abid Sheikhu Talks To HELLO!
In an exclusive interview we speak to designer Faraz Abid Sheikhu of FAS Design Studio where he tells us his journey as a designer, where he gets his design inspirations from and more. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a fashion designer.

I have always been quite creative, I remember designing outfits on newspapers and ‘stitching’ them up with staple pins which is quite funny now that I think about it. With the passage of time I realized fashion was my calling. I started my journey with BCW and after joining PIFD I had a clear view of what I wanted to do. I come from a family of businessmen yet it took some time for me to understand how things work in the fashion industry as it appears to have a mind of its own. In a nutshell, there have been highs and lows but I’ve cherished every moment of it.

How did you enter into this field? Was it always the dream?

I always had things planned out and knew launching a couture label was what I wanted to do. I established my brand at the age of 20. Even though I come from a family of business professionals working in the textile industry, I choose my own route and am very passionate about my label and what I do.

What is the most challenging aspect about your field?

The biggest challenge I believe was convincing my parents to let me join the fashion industry. Apart from that, I faced quite a lot of challenges when I first launched FAS but that is how things are no matter what industry you’re working in, perseverance is key. 

Where do you find inspiration from?

Many people actually; anyone who is an artist at heart is inspiring to me. I am a sucker for inspiration. I keep my heart and mind open, almost anything can inspire me anywhere. It can be somebody as random as my cook. However, I do believe Meesha Shafi is my muse. I adore the way she looks and carries my clothes. 

According to you, what sets you apart from other designers?

What sets me apart is the fact that I try to paint a story with each one of my pieces. Each collection is a story and each design is a unique character depicting a distinct personality.

Define the fashion scene in Pakistan. Is there anything you’d wish to change?

I believe fashion has a sense of its own however when it comes to designers and stylist, I think we should keep in view the particular body type and posture of whoever we are dressing or styling.

Three people you’d wish to dress up in your designs.

I don’t necessarily wish to dress a certain someone but I will dress anyone who wishes to wear my designs.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

Oftentimes I do weird things in order to unblock my thought process. It can be as random and simple as an evening-out, a mini vacation, a nice movie or indulging in reading a good book.

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