Cake Up: A Sweet Treat You Must Try!

Cake Up: A Sweet Treat You Must Try!
We recently got our hands on the newly launched range of centre filled cupcakes by Peek Freans, and we have to say, Peek Freans Cake Up is just what we were looking for. Here is a no-fuss, no-mess treat that you can quickly grab-on-the-go, devour in a jiffy, and then get back to doing whatever you do best!

Here's why you should indulge in this delectable delight!


These soft, moist and fresh cupcakes are made from real ingredients and real fillings (fruit and cocoa) giving you a taste of real goodness in each bite! Mmmm doesn’t that sound tempting?

They come in four different flavours -each one to suit your mood; milky chocolate, fruity strawberry, golden caramel and double chocolate- and for a change we can’t choose which one we like more! And we as sweet connoisseurs have very discerning taste buds!

I think we have established that these sweet treats are absolutely delicious but that is not the only reason we are raving about them – we love their hygienic and convenient packaging that screams at you in those adorable hues and bold colors, all while being super easy to throw in your picnic basket or even in your little one’s lunchbox. The best part about these quick-kid friendly treats is that they are of premium quality under an affordable-price tag – something we don’t often get locally in Pakistan.

Try them out for yourself and make sure to share your feedback with us!

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