Soult: Bringing Premium Pink Himalayan Salt Back to Pakistan!

Pink salt is and always has been a commodity indeginous to Pakistan’s Himalayain mountain region. But, somehow this fact has gone primarily unnoticed, not just in Pakistan but across the globe. Though salt hardly seems like it deserves all this recognition because of its commonality, this specific mineral-rich beautifully unique cotton candy reminiscent seasoning has become a topic of debate in politics and legislation. 

Why, you ask? Pink salt has been mislabeled and rebranded to sound like it has come from other parts of the world, specifically India, when a gargantuan portion of it comes from Pakistan, enough so that the government is considering trademarking it as Pakistani. Soult, an emerging Pakistani salt brand is all set to bring organic premium pink salt to the Pakistani market and we just can’t wait!  

But, what is so special about this salt that it is sold as a premium and upscale product? Let’s start with the color; the soothing pastel pink shades are a result of minerals in the salt, and the deepness of the color varies depending on the iron oxide present. This salt is also chock-full of minerals making it a superior alternative to regular white table salt. In fact, it has 84 naturally occurring minerals that can do everything from lowering blood sugar levels to balancing the body’s PH. 

Since this blush colored seasoning is such a beloved alternative, there are plenty of copycat products in the market that just dye regular salt and label it as pink Himalayan salt. That is why we are so excited for the launch of the new salt and spices company, Soult! Soult is bringing premium pink Himalayan salt to the market, packaged beautifully and guaranteeing authenticity. This salt is organic, packed with minerals and free of any additives. The company will also be launching regular table salt and a range of spice mixes to make our meals so much more delectably flavorful. 

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