Momina Sibtain Creates Stunning Looks at Iconic Spots in Lahore As a Tribute to Pakistan


This year, 14th August is all about celebrating the liberation of our country while keeping COVID SOP’s in mind but that doesn’t mean you can’t make Independence Day a little more fun! Ace journalist and YouTube sensation Momina Sibtain decided to mix it up once again, but this time by creating stunning looks as an homage to our very own, very beautiful, Pakistan. Since Sibtain has always had a unique take on her ensembles and looks damn good doing it, she embodied the spirit of Pakistan in a variety of ways through her outfits. Her clothing epitomized the essence of our nation, blending traditional outfits with modern and western pieces. With the central theme of green and white, the concept of each outfit was to celebrate Pakistan but at the same time to embrace one's individuality as an integral part of being Pakistani. 


Based in modern Lahore around Mall Road and the DHA area, Momina chose to highlight their value as our country grows more progressive. Each look held meaning for the superstar as she wanted to put the spotlight on the majority and minorities of Pakistan while wearing all Pakistani designers. Based in New Lahore, near a sculpture of a stack of books, she wore a green and purple long coat with a Quaid-e-Azam-inspired hat, emphasizing the value of education in our country; believing that we can truly be free when our minds are liberated as well. The next look was located by a water fountain sculpture of a teapot. As our nation loves to drink tea, this was a perfect tribute to everyone's favorite warm beverage. To lay emphasis on this, she wore a black top paired with a beige detailed lehenga, exemplifying the modernity of Pakistan which is often overlooked by international audiences. For her third look, she simply used the roads of Lahore wearing a green dress with a multi-colored petticoat embellished with gold embroidery and eastern designs.


Momina Sibtain’s next location was Ghora Chowk, which is a widely recognized icon of Lahore. Because of the bustling streets, she chose this area as one of her favorites. For this look, the journalist donned a white bodycon ensemble with a long green and gold coat paired with dangling earrings with a fusion feel. Another exemplary look she did was at the Polo Ground in the Cantonment area with the motto of Pakistan ‘Unity, Faith, and Discipline’. She wore an all-green dress with trendy shoes and a rupee note clutch bag. Finally, the last look was by the China Chowk iconic fighter jet roundabout. For this location, she wore an all-white lehenga choli to celebrate the minorities of our nation. It was a tribute to their value in our country and in hopes that one day they can be safe in their own nation. 

As a stylish superstar, Momina Sibtain never misses a beat when it comes to creating the best looks. We loved her decorative tribute to her country and we’ll be taking some style notes along the way!