HELLO! In Conversation With Sarwat Gilani

HELLO! In Conversation With Sarwat Gilani
We had a quick fun chit chat with beautiful and talented actress Sarwat Gillani! 

Drama or Film ? Which is your favourite and why ? 

Both are amazing! Drama has mass appeal because it has a mass audience and everybody watches drama serials on TV, therefore the reach is more. What I love about film is the big screen. The recognition you get after your movie has been released on the big screen has its own charm. 

Describe Sarwat Gillani in three simple words.

Creative, optimistic and helpful. 

If you were not in the entertainment industry, you would be a... ? And why ? 

If I was not in the entertainment industry then I would definitely be an artist trying to sell my paintings to rich people.

Favourite drama you have worked in ? 

I really liked Khasara and Mata-e-Jaan. I really liked this web series which I’ve recently done with Asim Abbasi. I can’t name it yet, but yes, these three things. 

Top three Pakistani films according to you ? 

Cake, Laal Kabootar and Baaji.

Your biggest pet peeve ? 

When people use a space and then don’t clean it after they are done. It could be any place. 

What is your least favourite thing about yourself ? 

The least favourite thing about myself is that I don’t work out or go to the gym. I don’t keep myself fit. I’m naturally fit so that’s why I don’t work hard on it but it’s not very good because one should have strong muscles and  core. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but I still haven’t so I’m really upset with myself. 

Your idea of a perfect date night ? 

My idea of a perfect date night is that Fahad and I are in a room having steak, and enjoying ourselves. Good food, Fahad and me. 

Who has been your favourite co-star to work with so far ?

I love working with Mikaal Zulfiqar because he is really a considerate person, he takes care of everybody on set and he’s a lot of fun to work with. From the girls, I like working with Sanam Saeed. I’ve worked with her quite a few times and I always enjoy it.

Your most embarrassing moment on set ? 

I was once locked in a bathroom and the door wasn’t opening and then everybody had to just push the door and they had to get some guy to open the lock because somehow the lock has an issue from the inside. The shooting stopped because I was locked in the bathroom and when I came out, everyone clapped, it was quite embarrassing. 

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