Four Alternatives To Plastic Bags

Four Alternatives To Plastic Bags
Plastic bags are everywhere in our environment and are used for many purposes such as carrying your groceries, or for shopping when at the mall. Unfortunately, plastic bags do have negative impacts that many don't realise such as pollution, climate change and causing damage to the wild and marine life.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to plastic bags:


  • Cotton/tote bags: Cocoon Home in Karachi have recently started this great initiative in giving away free cotton bags. The size is pretty large and makes the perfect go-to carry bag. They have smart and catchy text on them such as 'Just Say No To Plastic', 'Keep the Sea Plastic Free', Cotton for Plastic', and much more. Grab your bag before they run out! 
  • Paper bags: Even though paper bags don't last forever and can easily tear, they are decomposed easily than plastic bags and are recycled more often than plastic. 
  • Cane baskets: These are very handy when going for a picnic or a quick relaxing day out at the beach. 
  • Trolley bags: Probably the most convenient alternative! Don't have to worry about carrying heavy bags and can be easily moved around. Let us know what do you use as an alternative to plastic bags!


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