'Fit For a Cause': Help Others and Give Back While Working Out

'Fit For a Cause': Help Others and Give Back While Working Out
In a poverty stricken country like Pakistan where majority spend their days under the scorching heat with their clothes drenched from the sweat trickling down their tiny framed bodies in an attempt to earn a meal for the day, there are some that starve themselves intentionally to shed off a few extra pounds - Isn't it ironic?

Not much to our surprise, it is mostly the rich that are overweight. And, the guilt is real. Though, there are countless boot-camps, gyms and health clubs that have opened up across the country, there is one that really caught my attention.

Fitin5 has begun a new initiative called 'fit for a cause'; it is innovative, creative, fantastic and of course effective!

When we think of joining a fitness camp we usually envision ourselves being dragged to the worst possible place ever - anxious, frustrated and desperately looking at the clock for the hour to be over. It’s probably the only time we wish time would go by faster, that or Math class - same thing!

I call myself a fitness dropout, for the sole reason that I get de-motivated really fast. A month in without results (mostly because I’m never pushing myself enough) I call it quits! Perhaps, it is because I don't have a friendly aunty commenting on my how much weight I have lost or how great I look, I assume it is not working.

So how can fitness camps resolve demotivation? By giving you a cause to lose weight for. Fit for a cause asks you to lose weight not just for yourself but for the underprivileged. When you join the program, you pledge to donate for every Kg you lose to the Eidhi foundation. In turn, fitin5 also donates the same amount for how much you’ve lost to the foundation. Together, both the organisation and the individual is working towards one goal and that is absolutely amazing.

You get three reasons to be motivated: Lose as much weight as you can, to give charity and to have an organisation also give charity on your behalf. So it all depends on you and when there is so much weight on your shoulders (pun intended), it somehow makes sense to push yourself against all odds and convert your weight-loss into worthy cash!

If you think this isn’t encouraging enough for you to get up and hit the fitness camp and you’re more of the competitive guy at the gym, constantly comparing your biceps to your workout neighbour, challenge a friend. Join fit for a cause with another friend and see who can raise more money for the charity! Go on, I dare you.

Poverty is an alarming condition in our country as is obesity. What better way is there for you as an individual to contribute to the betterment? Kill two birds with one stone by helping Pakistan become more prosperous and healthy.

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