NADEP Diabetes FootCon2021: The Health Bank Introduces Diabetes Connected Care

NADEP Diabetes FootCon2021: The Health Bank Introduces Diabetes Connected Care

With Pakistan hosting the world’s third largest diabetes-affected population,The Health Bank Global (THB) took to the stage at NADEP Diabetes FootCon 2021 to introduce Diabetes Connected Care. Zarmina Jafar, the Chief Strategy Officer of THB spoke about the service and what it could do for the way people view and treat the disease. Additionally, she introduced Wasim Akram as their service’s Brand Ambassador. The innovative service offers a combination of daily monitoring and tracking through remote monitoring healthcare devices alongside nutritional and clinical support. Overall, THB aims to reduce in-person hospital visits through their multidisciplinary outcome-based care. 


Wasim Akram, a longstanding spokesperson for healthy lifestyles and an active member of the Diabetes Connected Care program, shared how he had been diagnosed as diabetic, as a 29-year-old, at the peak of his cricketing career. The Brand Ambassador and Advisory Board Member for THB addressed the room through anecdotal lessons he pulled from his own life and shared how it is important to be aware and fully informed about diabetes to help treat it properly. 

‘The average person doesn’t know what diabetes is,’ lamented Akram, as he shared that only once the disease was understood could a cure be found for those affected. 

Clinical Operations Manager at THB, Emma Macbeath, was next on the podium in Dubai. Macbeath spoke about her journey of reversing her type 2 diabetes, with the Diabetes Connected Care Program playing a crucial role. 

It is therefore understood that through THB’s Diabetes Connected Care program, patients access services that not only provide teams of specialists and holistic management, but also the latest tech and innovation in the field. With remote monitoring, data is sent directly to the relevant clinicians, providing patients and their families the reassurance that their well being is a priority.

The Health Bank Global (THB) verticals of Virtual Hospital services include a Global Health Concierge, Chronic Disease Management, and Home Health Care.

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