Everything You Need To Know About France's New President Emmanuel Macaron And The New First Lady

Everything You Need To Know About France's New President Emmanuel Macaron And The New First Lady
The love story between France's new president, Emmanuel Macaron and his wife, Brigitte was like any other- it starts off when boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love and though, people may be against it, eventually they met married. And in their case, that boy ends up becoming the president of France. However, here's the punchline: the girl was that boy's teacher.

The 64-year-old Brigitte, née Trogneux first met Emmaunuel Macaron when was 15-years-old and she was teaching an after-school drama program at his high school. At that time, she was a married schoolteacher and a mother to three children, one of whom was a classmate of Emmanuel's. The two fell in love and despite Emmanuel's parents' attempt to send him to Paris to finish school with the hope that he would forget about his love. Instead, he promised he would marry her one day.

One would think that was it but the whirlwind romance between the two was strong enough to survive the distance and Macron kept his promise. In 2007, when he was 29 and she was divorce, he asked Brigitte's children for her hand in marriage; they all happily agreed and gave their blessing. The two have been in love and inseparable ever since and their families seem to get along pretty well too - how romantic?

Instead of keeping their relationship low-profile, the two have instead decided to make the most of the limelight, taking every opportunity to praise each other in public. According to Vogue India“Without her, I wouldn’t be me,” he had once said; she has also stated she’s the “president of his fan club.”

Now that he has won the election, all eyes are on what’s next. President Macaron has already pledged he will appoint Brigitte to a public, unpaid position in his cabinet. “If I am elected—no, sorry, when we are elected—she will be there, with a role and a place,” he said told supporters before the election. She added: “He needs to go for it in 2017, because by 2022 his problem will be my face.” - We love her already!

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