The New Age Of Grocery Shopping

The New Age Of Grocery Shopping

What once used to be a simple daily or weekly chore, has now turned into a burden for which we risk our safety-- grocery shopping.According to Google’s latest details released, Pakistan has witnessed a 300% increase in the ‘online grocery delivery’ search.

We all have our favourite neighbourhood store that we have been loyal to for a long time, but the question on everyone’s mind is, is it worth going out to packed grocery stores and risk our safety? And if not, what’s the alternative? That’s where OctoberNow comes into the picture.

  OctoberNow is a home delivery grocery app. It lets you choose products from your neighbourhood grocery store and get them delivered to you within one to two hours--almost the same time that you spend at the store. In these uncertain times, an app like OctoberNow is exactly the blessing Karachiites need. Be it heavy rains, or a pandemic, grocery delivery service has become a huge part of the ‘new normal’. Not to be confused with grocery stores that do their own home delivery, OctoberNow is a service that does not carry its own stock, but rather uses your location to pinpoint your neighbourhood stores, and lets you select which store they pick up your order from. This way, you can stay loyal to your favourite stores, whose products you know well and trust, with just a slightly different experience.

 This comfortable, albeit new experience, isn’t all that OctoberNow has to offer. The app is easy to navigate and allows you to shop, either by category or by store, and just before checking out, offers a price comparison feature. This feature shows the different prices of the products you have ordered at different stores, therefore showing you the lowest prices, you could possibly buy your desired groceries at. The central feature of not carrying any stock themselves means that the service can get you any product you want, from anywhere around the city, even if it is out of stock at your closest store. OctoberNow also vows to have no hidden fees or charges, with the prices exactly as you would find them at the stores, and no delivery charges on orders over Rs 300.

The ordering process takes no more than five to 10 minutes and the rider is off, riding through the hustle and bustle of Karachi streets, to pick up the groceries that you want from exactly where you want.

In times of heightened uncertainty, Karachiites need a reliable service that is actively trying to help and satisfy the wants of the people. OctoberNow seems to be actively managing these needs, and although the platform is only in its early stages, it seems to have a promising future lying ahead.

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