With Pokémon Go, The Possibilities Really Are Endless!

With Pokémon Go, The Possibilities Really Are Endless!
Everyone seems to be all about the Pokémon Go game that launched on the 6th of July 2016 and people have gone out of their ways to download this game since its not released internationally! We talked to some people in Pakistan and this is what they had to say about it:

  • "Amazing outdoor activity for people confined with indoor games".
  • "The interface is amazing".
  • "It's a great exercise for gamers who usually sit at home".
  • "Brings back memories from the 90's".
  • "One of a kind game where you actually need to walk around and find stuff".
  • "Pokestops are located at landmarks or old building so people go towards places they haven’t actually been before".
  • "A community has been formed and people socialise with other Pokémon go players".
  • "Great experience but many technical problems in the game".
  • "Takes way too much mobile data and battery since its can only be played using 3G".
  • "Crashes frequently and lags a lot".
  • "Nothing is explained properly, the tutorial is very short. You get to know what to do and how to do it after playing it many times".
  • "Gym battles are more of a fluke rather than strategic wins".
  • "Very less Pokémon in rural areas".
  • "Not many Pokestops in Islamabad".

It’s not just any mobile game based on the famous anime series– it’s an entirely new, vast, ideologically unexplored universe of gaming; symbolic of the progress in the world of modern gaming Pokémon Go augments Pokémon characters into our everyday life. Although the game play might have a few ups and downs, the fact that this game breathes life into the childhood fantasy of the users, enabling them to feel like real life Pokémon catchers surely makes up for it. The thrill of the rush one feels whilst locating a rare Pokémon on the nooks and crannies of their previously bland neighbourhood remains unmatched by any other game. The fact that one merely needs to look around town to find a Squirtle or a Pikachu, waiting to be discovered, enables us to cross over an unseen barricade travelling from the dimension of imagination and fantasy into the dimension of reality!

Not only is this game awe inspiring in terms of childhood fantasies come true, it also creates a silent link between users; that neighbour you never spoke to before now possesses the potential of becoming your favourite Pokémon hunting buddy! With Pokémon Go, the possibilities really are endless.