Eight Times Rachel Green’s Outfits Were Ultimate Wardrobe Goals

Eight Times Rachel Green’s Outfits Were Ultimate Wardrobe Goals
Don’t you just love FRIENDS! We do and also love the astounding wardrobe that Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston, carries off with so much grace throughout each season. We decided to look back on EIGHT of her strongest sartorial looks. Keep reading and let us know if you have any outfit to add! 


  1. Geometric black-and-white top

Vintage black miniskirt paired with a geometric black and white top can never go wrong!

  1. The Classic White Dress 

White dress. Minimal accessories and viola! All you need now is a party to go to.

  1. Tracky Dacks 

Wait. Who looks good in two braids, a sweatshirt and joggers? Ah! Rachel Green does.

  1. The Black on Black

Rachel Green’s signature mini skirt and a black button down shirt tied up were complemented by the perfectly styled hairstyle!

  1. Plaid Parade 

Doesn’t she look spectacular in this green high-neck fashioned with a  plaid skirt?

  1. Girl Power

FRIENDS  was all about supporting your pals after all!

  1. Keeping it sophisticated 

….and when Rachel Green was working, nothing could stop her.

  1. Plush Teddy Bear

Well, now we know who started the trend of plush coats!

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