Miss Veet Pakistan Inspires Ambitious Young Women To Dream Big

Miss Veet Pakistan Inspires Ambitious Young Women To Dream Big
Veet Academy is a platform that helps an average girl accept and adore her femininity, to embrace confidence, over come her fears and turn her dreams into a reality. The Veet Academy’s purpose is to groom every girl with the help of five celebrities that are living examples of confidence, charm, intelligence, communication skills and a healthy lifestyle. Veet Academy’s main way to look out for girls seeking help is mostly on ground activities like going to colleges and universities, or through their show Miss Veet Pakistan and through their Facebook page.

Sarwat Gillani, a big name of our industry gives these girls a confidence boost and helps to direct their energy in the right direction which in turn up lifts their self-esteem. Her main aim is to improve their communication skills, manners, self-worth and self- presentation. With a little help from her these girls can transform their personalities and become a better version of them.

Masarrat Misbah, a renowned name of the beauty world teaches these girls how to groom themselves. Her moto is that it takes effort and skill to look and feel your best. Her aim is to tell the girls how to look after their hygiene, hair and skin. And then teaches them to embrace their personal style with the right fashion tips. With her guidance the girls will know exactly what to do and how to help themselves look and feel better.

Aamina Sheikh, is known for her brilliant looks and talented personality. Her main aim is to teach these girls the key of smart thinking and quick decision making. Her criteria’s are to make sure that these girls built in enough confidence to become the strong independent women others can look up to.

Sidra Iqbal is a development and a corporate trainer. Her course will teach the girls to communicate and get their message across in the utmost professional manner. This may seem difficult but with practice and the right mentor these girls can acquire great communication skills which are important in this fast pace world.

Hareem Farooq, a television and film actress's aim is to teach these girls to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to make sure these girls eat right not just for the time being to achieve their body goal but to incorporate this habit in their daily life. To live a healthier and a happier life.

With these powerful women on board, we have no doubt that we have some exciting rising talent coming our way! Kudoos to Veet Academy!

Here are some inspirational videos - take a look at it yourself: