The Future Looks Like This

The Future Looks Like This
Talent Corporated, a virtual talent agency has created a virtual space for new talent to be accessed.

After seeing their recent campaign with Coca-Cola pop up over Social Media and on television, we sat with Roshan Usman and Maham Bano, the hottest new entrepreneurs in town, to chat about their business venture, Talent Corporated.

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

I’m Roshan Usman, a filmmaker by profession. I actually started off working on music videos, indie films etc.

And I’m Maham Bano, a visual artist with a passion for art direction.

 What exactly is Talent Corporated?

Talent Corporated is our brain child. The idea came along when production houses started approaching us because of the new faces they had seen in our own projects. It gradually became a hub where we wanted to promote accessibility for new actors and models.

We saw you mention ‘a virtual talent agency’ before. What does the mean? 

Well, this is the new age, which means accessibility for everyone. Our agency is at a phase where it is becoming entirely virtual. That means anyone interested in working with us can apply and sign up with us online. For production houses or clients seeking talent, we have an elaborate search engine where they can hunt and acquire talent similar to a shop and drop feature on shopping websites. That means no back and forth text messages and exchange of private information and pictures.


So, simply put, you are a talent agency?

Simply put, yes. Even though we often do our own productions, we are primarily a talent agency being run by two young entrepreneurs – one thing we have in common with our clients is that we realise the struggles many of us at our age face.

You launched this project less than a year ago, but have already bagged multinationals like Coca-Cola, Bata, Oye Hoye, HBL etc.

Was it difficult? 

We wouldn't describe it as being difficult, but it did require a lot of hard work. However, what made it easier is the fact that we don't have complicated contracts and wont tangle you in various legal procedures. That goes for both our talent and our clients. The transparent nature of Talent Corporated is what has got us this far and will hopefully get us much further.

There is almost always going to be a lot of competition when you step into a market. Any advice for others?

The trick is to try hard and try smart. Our aim from the beginning is not to follow the path but lead the way. We are here to learn from their ways but change the experience.

Where do you see Talent Corporated in the next five years?

While we are currently operating in Lahore, we plan on expanding to other cities. In the growing media industry of Pakistan, we aim to bring about a change from within, to make sure our company can not only reach a wider audience but also give them a fair and just platform to thrive on.

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