5 Apps Guaranteed to Mix Fun and Fitness

5 Apps Guaranteed to Mix Fun and Fitness
As soon as we hear the word exercise, our initial reaction is to run away from it as soon as possible. Thanks to technology, we can disguise exercise through dances and games with these fun fitness apps.

1. Zumba dance

Selected as one of Apple’s best fitness apps of 2013, this app pairs workout with dancing. What’s better than learning how to dance and shed some calories at the same time? Motion tracking technology keeps a check on your moves while you dance to a customised playlist for 20-60 minutes.

2. NFL play 60

Run, Jump, and PLAY 60! Can you run fast? Jump high? Turn quick? The app works as a game where all your movements are the basis of the character’s actions. You have to collect coins, get football and heart power-ups, earn boosters, collect stars and get free stuff. Not only does it motivate you to exercise to get the points, the motion required is great as cardio.

3. Nexercise

Nexercise is an app that tracks your movement, rewarding users with points the more that they exercise. It sounds pretty standard at first. The difference here is that these points that you earn are actually worth something.

Points earned through Nexercise can be exchanged for gift cards from stores like Home Depot, Sephora, and others! Turn working out into your full-time job!

4. Cardio Smack down

It is beyond hard to exercise in a closed room without any motivation what so ever. Competition has proven to boost your drive and this app lets you do just that. You can challenge a friend to work out with you and see who has lost more calories by the end of a session.

5. BattleSuit Runner Fitness

BattleSuit Runner Fitness is a new, super-interactive story running fitness app. It is part sci-fi game, part GPS fitness trainer, part choose your own adventure.

Put on your headphones, select your workout time and music, and begin walking, jogging, or running as the immersive, interactive adventure story and battles unfold based on your speed. You’ll be prompted to slow down, speed up, and even sprint in order to affect the outcome of each mission. After each workout, use resources collected to upgrade your Battle Suit’s capabilities for the next mission!

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