This Is Why All The Pakistanis Have Been Snapping!

This Is Why All The Pakistanis Have Been Snapping!
Has your social media feed been flooded with celebrities and the general public alike uploading videos of themselves snapping their fingers? And if you have been somewhat curious like us to find out why and what has been happening, we finally have it figured out and it is definitely something bigger, might we add, better than what we could have ever imagined!

People were snapping their fingers to bring attention to traffic rules. Something so minor but significant in our daily lives that we as a nation don't pay much heed to. They did it every time they saw someone break a traffic rule or regulation - now that is something!

This campaign has been organised by Shell Helix called #DriveOnPakistan that brings together Pakistanis under one hashtag to make them pledge for a safer country by implementing traffic rules that we abide by. In return, Shell Helix will paint speed breakers of various cities to make them more visible and to enhance the driving experience of all Pakistanis.

Moreover, when you or anyone snap their fingers at someone who breaks a traffic law, you are calling their attention to their actions and reminding them to be socially responsible.

Though Shell has always been socially responsible globally. In Pakistan, however, this is the first time Shell Helix is bringing awareness and taking such a big initiative towards road safety and we are very proud of them for being such an incredible nation's partner.

Shell Helix wants this to serve as a reminder to people that when they break a law on the streets, not only are they putting their own lives in danger but others too. Shell wants Pakistanis to be more mindful and aware when they are out on the road.

With the campaign #DriveOnPakistan, Shell Helix aims to improve the driving experience of Pakistanis with painted speed breakers in various cities of the country and of course, with people who follow the traffic rules and regulations. Shell Helix pledges to transform your driving experience and you have to do your part by taking a pledge and submitting your video with the hashtag #DRIVEONPAKISTAN.