The Journey Of Raaz: In Search Of A Good Cup

The Journey Of Raaz: In Search Of A Good Cup
Pakistan is waking up to the phenomenal smell of Raaz Coffee. Our raaz is that coffee is more than just a beverage. It is our passion; we offer sensational authentic coffee to the refined palates.

RaazLife’s vision is to offer better coffee. Connoisseurs can enjoy natural, healthy speciality coffee varietals from the world’s finest plantations, roasted fresh in Karachi delivered when needed to your home or work place. Leading hotels, cafes and restaurants find this most convenient – no need to stock imported commercial grade stale coffee beans that were roasted months ago in Europe or Asia Pacific.


With some help from friends, a lot of play by fate, a meaningful and responsible partnership was formed - voila! Raaz was unveiled. The journey goes on, the beans still intrigue, entice and open new chapters, but the cup remains the same-still as good as it was since the beginning. Today RaazLife supplies fresh roasted coffee beans and grinds to a number of cafes, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, institutions, organizations and coffee lovers throughout Pakistan.

‘When did it start, what actually led to it?  I can’t remember, it was just meant to be, it was written in the beans. I was not a coffee aficionado, it was just one of those things that made me feel so good, the start to a perfect day, and the end to a happy day with friends after a delicious meal. I can’t recall how many instant brands I tried and how I toiled with the question why coffee tasted so different during my travels, but I just knew that instant coffee lacked exactly what it promised - instant gratification. It was when a friend gifted me a limited-edition perfume that had coffee fragrance to it, which I loved, that I realized it was time to do something; to create a good cup if one is not available.’


RaazLife is known for:

  • Sourcing special grade unroasted coffee beans of African, S. American, Caribbean, and Asian origins from reputable suppliers
  • Invested in a state-of-the-art roaster of a German engineering company of 150 years standing
  • Qualified, trained and experienced staff truly responsive to our loyal customer needs
  • Serving orders to coffee lovers, and supplying to leading hotels, cafes, and restaurants
  • Also provides coffee extracts for cold brews and bakeries so it can be used in cakes


Through our exceptional product performance and impeccable customer service we ensure our clients thoroughly enjoy the Raazlife experience.

The Raaz team’s journey began in December of 2016 with a strong and unshakeable commitment to curate excellent beverages that would be a delight to our loyal customers and partner with suppliers and manufacturers of highest repute.

Raaz has a roasting facility based in Karachi where our technicians are focused on delivering what we promise.

Coffee roasters are scientists, craftsmen and artists all in one. The roasting machine is an extension of their craft, where all the hard work put in by the farmer to the roaster come to fruition. It is here, at the roasting facility that all our efforts to bring you the most authentic roasted coffee experience come to fruition. Since roasted coffee only has two to three weeks of peak freshness, we are very careful about roasting just the right amount of coffee at any given time.

Raaz has received a phenomenal response since its launch. Raaz is being delivered to homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, institutions and corporations that are enjoying the luxury of choosing different coffee blends in sizes of 250g, 500g or 1kg. Orders can be placed by contacting the Raaz team online or on the cellphone. Customers can enjoy fabulous after sales service in terms of periodic free machine checkups and coffee quality testing. Our trained barista provides training to your staff whenever required and guides them how to maintain the machine for quality coffee. Guiding them on which milk to use to how much coffee suits their requirements is all provided free of cost. Visiting the roaster itself and choosing the right blend is also part of the process for cafes and restaurants.

Raaz is also a certified member of the global quality control entity called the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) which is testimony to the stringent standards of quality control.

Raaz has beans from a wide demographic origins of both Arabica & Robusta green beans maintained in their controlled environment. This helps the RAAZ team to customize blends as per customers’ requirements and develop a taste which is unique and first of its kind within Pakistan itself.

Whether it is by sourcing coffee beans from the best in the world to nurturing the product with extreme care while it is transported from the farm to our roasting and packing facility in Pakistan, we ensure that RaazLife coffee is enjoyed in its full-bodied flavour, aroma and goodness by everyone who seeks the RaazLife experience.


Instagram: @raazlife

Call or WhatsApp to order on: 021-35314887 and 0333 023 4663

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