Messy Xtreme By Kfc Is Here To Take The Game To The Next Level

We entered September with an all new limited edition offering by KFC called “Messy Xtreme”. The billboards garnered a lot of curiosity and then the DVC that released following the launch amped up our cravings further. What’s new and innovative here is the burger being double crowned. The beautiful visual culmination of all the core ingredients coming together to form a savory and flavorful bite is a pictorial treat. Product innovations like these want you to develop a diverse palate for food and be more accepting of different flavors, styles and experimentation which generally most people are not open to. To think this is a limited edition offering and a unique one too, we’ll soon know how the audience have responded to it. The tagline is a fun twist on words and catchy in its essence. 


At the rate we are in terms of food innovation, the charred and smoky barbeque taste has connected well with our local audience, giving them the right amount of kick and sweetness that is not too overpowering. The sauce in the burger borders around the same taste with more sweetness and spice, giving it a fresher penchant in the burger category and of course, you can have it any way you like with Messy Xtreme being “Dono taraf se same hai, yahi tou game hai.” 

Have you tried the Messy Xtreme yet? If not, order online through the KFC App, Visit or call us on 111-532-532 to place your order. 

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