What’s up With Our Celebrities? Why Have They #SwitchedOff?

What’s up With Our Celebrities? Why Have They #SwitchedOff?
Scrolling through social media on a daily basis, we usually come across some interesting, unusual and at other times some intriguing news that leaves us asking for more. Recently we came across statuses of A-list celebrities from our entertainment industry that sparked our curiosity; to name a few Mehreen Syed, Feroze Khan, Anoushey Ashraf, Mehwish Hayat, Shazia Naz, Hina Altaf and Minal Khan were quick to announce that they are '#SwitchedOff' from things they usually enjoy doing. Why? That is a mystery we are yet to resolve - if you have any guesses, do leave your feedback in the comments below!

Though, we are yet to find out the exact reason, it is interesting to note how these enthusiastic actors have taken the bold step of being #SwitchedOff  from what seems like their everyday routine. This is surely something that has never happened before.


Are they making changes? Are they unable to manage a work-life balance? Do they need a boost of energy? Do they need a motivational push? Has this lack of energy led them to struggle with their routine tasks? What about our entertainment industry - is it at a risk? Are we about to lose out on some of our all time favourite stars?

Though, many conclude this could be a hashtag or a trend, we believe they need a jolt of energy and an instant mental uplift for they are our role models, our inspiration and our stars - they can't just remain #SwitchedOff - now that isn't going to be fair for anyone, would it be?

So, from these statuses it is safe to conclude that our celebs need something that could boost their energy level. Something that could bridge the gap and get them back to their lively and active routine life. We are back at the same question - but what could it possibly be? Why are they all doing this?Is it a new trend that we aren’t aware of? Or could it be a new hashtag hype to tune out to tune in to connect and regain themselves. We have to dig further to know the other part of story! Stay tuned!