Saif Ali Khan Lists Kareena Kapoor's 'Adorable Qualities'

Saif Ali Khan Lists Kareena Kapoor's 'Adorable Qualities'
According to a recent interview, Bollywood A-lister, Saif Ali Khan speaks highly of his wife, Kareena Kapoor and says she has many 'adorable qualities.'

He said, "There are so many adorable qualities about her (Kareena) like time management, organisation, fitness, discipline and she is very patient also."

Saif is not just looking forward to the release of his forthcoming film Kaalakaandi but also his daughter Sara Ali Khan's Bollywood debut Kedarnath. About that he said,

"I have given her so many pieces of advice. I told her to be honest and to find what is special inside her and not to be like other people. She understands all of this. She always wanted to be an actor and I think she will be great."

"We worry about children as this profession has so much drama to it. So I had thought she will do some normal job because she is brilliant student, but I guess nobody wants that (normal job)," Saif told IANS.

Saif Ali Khan's last few films such as Chef and Rangoon failed to perform at the box office but the actor told IANS that he 'performed better than before' in these films. "As far as my acting journey is concerned, in these 25 years, it has been interesting, full of ups and downs and learning constantly. I think from last year, I gave more thought to acting than before. My last year's films like Rangoon, Chef and now Kaalakandi are better performances than before," he told IANS.

"My upcoming film Baazaar is also very commercial film but I think its good work and it will be interesting. I am playing slightly dangerous guy in it so it will be fun," added Saif.