What is Baekartoot and Why You Should Follow Her Today!

Baekartoot is an Instagram page created by Zainab filled with humorous and inspiring content that can make you keep scrolling her feed for more!

This project was initiated by Zainab Tariq shortly after 2020, during the lockdown. While the entire world was shutting down one by one, Zainab decided to bring light into it by making hilarious skits and videos on social media that can make someone's day better.

Zainab Tariq also recently returned from Brighton, England after completing her masters in International marketing.

Baekartoot started by Zainab performing humorous skits that displayed common brown problems faced by everyone. These gained a load of attention as everyone could relate and finding a source of new entertainment was exciting. 

The video below is one of the examples: so small but filled with great comedic flair. It's enough to bring joy to anyone's day while being stressed and anxious during the pandemic.



Gradually, Baekartoot's followers increased and so did Zainab'scontent material and immense talent that is represented by her videos. She can dress up well and her outfit is always on point. Her content is also more sophisticated and present with beautiful messages promoting charity and helping others

Instagram is filled with glamorous content, and lots of entertainers and influencers, so what makes Baekartoot special?

Zainab's determination to always tell the truth and be transparent with her audience.


Everyone loves people who are honest, kind and continue to showcase their true selves to the world, regardless of the reactions of other people. Her Instagram presence is more than an outfit check of the day: it's an insight into how to live a better life, support and uplift the oppressed people in the world. 

You can go to her Instagram page called Baekartoot and see a variety of videos that present her remarkable individuality on screen. 

In one video, highlights the imperfections in our society and how it contributes to suppressing women. Such as the video linked below which emphasizes women being told to be patient regardless of the problems they face in life. 


In another viral video on social media titled “small acts of kindness”, Zainab shows ways in which fortunate citizens can help the less fortunate people who are not as privileged. 


Zainab does not stop here; her content expands to her jamming on fun Bollywood songs and teaching good fashion. Another noteworthy activity is using Baekartoot to spread information on how to stand up against online harassers and cyberbullying, which is a constant thing most people on social media face in their careers.

Zainab showed great courage as she confessed to her online harassers, and after receiving unapologetic reactions, she chose to email and let their educational institutes know about their bullying. 

Baekartoot stands as an inspiring page, and with an increase of followers, it has stood as a source of information, knowledge, and support for its followers on Instagram.

If you are on Instagram, then Baekartoot is a must-follow to witness Zainab's amazing all-rounded personality that is changing the world with each video.