Sky is the Limit for a Young Entrepreneur: A Success story of Abdullah Asim, the Shining Star of “Social Spark”


Age is a game of numbers only. It has been listened to and repeated ear to ear by thousands and the same reached to my innocent self. But I was unaware of its true sense or was unable to pass the gestures to those around me who were considered responsible for my destiny by blood. I was born on January 17, 2000,named Abdullah Asim in the city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan to a moderate family who had a monotonous approach towards the life of a newborn, school, college, university, and then nine to five job pattern encashing yourself to a destined marriage and child rise portfolio. The approach had to be followed by hook and crook, if not so otherwise be punished by boycott and ruthless attitude. Despite all the threats to follow the same patterns, I had a great passion for something unique. I used to feel an unseen force pursuing internal brains of Abdullah Asim for something beyond my approach. I had a bigger perspective for life stages than these old rhymes sung by every other dude.

I had an inborn thirst for the internet and its miraculous happenings. To quench my thirst for knowledge and gain an insight into everyday changing themes of creativity, I adapted the world of the internet as a hobby and earned Pak Rs.7700 at the age of fourteen only, being the student of grade eight who worked in his neighborhood's house with dedication and passion using their resources off the way.  It was a great achievement for my little feathers growing strong with each passing day but was a useless time pass for my elders who created a great halt for me in this course. I was deprived of any basic facility which could play the least role to attain any path towards my passion. 

At a mature age of being a student of grade twelve, I decided to choose and follow the path that was witnessed by my wits. Abdullah Asim initiated a daring step and greeted goodbye to academics since the everyday hustle between attaining high grades and glimmering dreams of creativity were causing a standstill situation at each step. Being encountered with several obstacles and hurdles on my chosen path as a solo runner, I was able to initiate an organization Coboot Media. Brains and brawns working to reach the skies of the internet, Abdullah Asim was connected to the top celebrities of Pakistan for my work, the most renowned of all include Iqrar ul Hasan, the journalist, Azekah Daniel, the actress, Waqar Zaka, the video creator, Kinza Hashmi, a great model/actress, Ahmed Shah, a public figure, Dr. Javed Iqbal, a renowned surgeon, Veena Malik Khan, an artist and last but not the least Mehwish Hayat. They all wanted the best social media person and Abdullah Asim with bright Social Spark was there always to turn their dreams into reality working day and night running behind those magical scenarios which inspired me always. I own a successful digital agency “Social Spark” today with a wide range of services including social media marketing and others.